IGN: Imagine: Fashion Designer New York Review

IGN writes: "Last year's Imagine: Fashion Designer was panned due to its incongruous difficulty and overly demanding clients. The title seemed to forget it was a game meant to be enjoyed, opting instead for an experience to be slaved over like an actual position in the competitive world of fashion design. This year's iteration thankfully manages to solve that particular problem, but in doing so creates a whole new set of issues. Imagine: Fashion Designer New York is a much more forgiving game than its predecessor, but it swings too far towards the opposite extreme – ultimately creating a decidedly boring and repetitive title in the process.

As the name implies, Fashion Designer New York begins on your first day of employment at a big Manhattan design agency. The game does a decent job acclimating players to its various mechanics early on, breaking down each phase of design and presentation into various distinct mini-games. There are six fashion workshops included, allowing would-be designers to apply makeup, style hair, tailor clothing, outfit models, take photos and even run their own fashion shows."

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