Dose: Resistance 2 review


"Despite solid plotting, Resistance 2 could use some character development. Yeah, yeah, we know Nathan Hale is infected with the Chimera virus, has seen a lot of shit go down and is staring the extinction of the human race right in the face, but we don't get much of what he's going through. He sort of fades into the scenery a bit, unless something directly happens to him.

As cheesy a cliché as it is, if you liked Resistance: Fall of Man, you're going to love its sequel. Even if you're new to the franchise, you'll find the solid story, engrossing epic-sized gameplay and multiplayer experience one of the best out there."

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chaosatom3679d ago

Thank you for not taking 3 fuc*** points off for having a broken split screen.

Johnny Rotten3679d ago

shhhh it's only a matter of time before Kotaku jumps on the the bandwagon!