Hooked Gamers: Tetris Party Review

Hooked Gamers writes: "Every system needs its version of Tetris – Tetris Attack for the SNES, Tetris DS for the Nintendo DS, Tetrisphere for the Nintendo 64, etc. Prior to the release of Tetris Party, the Wii was left standing in the dust, desperately awaiting its turn when it too could host a Tetris outing. Thanks to Hudson's efforts, the award-winning franchise is heading to Wii. Behold, Tetris Party, the latest addition to the timeless franchise.

With some franchises these days, developers are struggling to incorporate new ideas. Take for instance Bomberman and The Legend of Zelda. The core gameplay in each game in their respective series is copied and pasted from game to game. By thinking outside of the box for a change and taking some risks, these series could be a whole lot fresher."

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