PALGN: eGames 08: Dissecta Panel - Censorship, Ratings and the state of the industry

PALGN writes: "The Dissecta panel began with some thoughts on its beginnings and some ruminations on some of the group's achievements and the work of founder Tim Richards, who recently passed away. Tim's passion for increasing the capacity of Australia's gaming industry was noted along with the hard work he contributed to the continuing battle to gain a R18+ rating for the medium.

The panel consisted of Mike Bantick of IT Wire, Jason Hill, whose work graces the pages of The Age newspaper and his Screenplay blog, and rounding up the group, Matt Burgess of Australian Gamer.

Much of the panel centred on censorship, starting with the Australia's lack of an R18+ rating for videogames. Mike discussed a recent report showing that "upwards of 80 percent" of parents are present when their children are purchasing games and the new possibilities that parental locks on consoles offer. He postulated that bringing the videogame ratings in line with those of film would protect children, reducing the amount of games with mature content "shoehorned" into the current M rating. Stating that he believed that the industry would be then more "self regulating" if an R18+ rating was introduced, he felt that companies would aim more towards the M rating as a means of gaining greater amounts of sales. Jason added that a discussion paper coming out of the Standing Committee of the Attorneys-General (SCAG) would be released before the end of the year, followed by a public consultation process. He urged people to remain vocal about the issue in order to force the current government to look at changing the ratings system."

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