VGR: Guitar Hero World Tour review


"Visually, it's definitely the strongest looking Guitar Hero game to date. There are also some pretty cool anime sequences during the career, although they are so's hard to realise why they were even included. Sound quality is superb as there are no covers this time, all songs are master recordings....making it the most authentic game on the market alongside Rock Band 2, which is out very soon here in the UK. Until I get my mitts on Rock Band 2, I can't really compare them but GH World Tour definitely has a better tracklist than the first Rock Band.

Guitar Hero World Tour was always going to have a hard time competing with the likes of Rock Band, but it stands up very well and is well worthy of any music lover, especially with the inclusion of the music studio. I can't put my money on which game is better until I play the other, but this one is pretty rockin'."

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