PALGN: eGames 08: Day One Report

PALGN writes: "Welcome, sirs and madams, welcome to eGames 2008. You might have noticed some improvements since you last dropped in; the place has been done up to the nines, and the decor department has been really inspired. We're here to show you around the place after our busy first day.

The first thing any returning visitor to eGames this year will notice is the vastness of space. The show floor space, we estimate, has been roughly doubled. This is not in the least part because this year, eGames is a subsection of the International Digital Entertainment Festival (or IDEF): your ticket will gain you entry not only to eGames, but to the Digital Lifestyle Show and the Develop Theatrette. At the official opening of eGames 2008, organiser Peter Barlow noted that they had "had a big year in the planning of this event, and we worked very hard to create the basis of an event which we can grow for the future. We felt that we've done very well with eGames over the last couple of years, and we felt that we were in a position to establish the next level of what we visualized very early on. So, to a large degree this has been a transition year for us."

In terms of the major players, all have a significant presence as they did last year. Nintendo are again difficult to ignore as their floor space lies directly in the path of all who enter. A big focus is on upcoming Wii titles, like Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City and Wii Music, though the Nintendo DS also seemed to be picking up a lot of attention, with intriguing titles like Kirby Super Star Ultra and the KORG DS-10 Synthesizer on display."

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