Square-Go: Fallout 3 review


"Despite its many flaws such as glitchy animation and repetitive radio stations, I've fallen for Fallout. For every emotionally detached character, there are moments of true feeling, like the last words of a dying man to his daughter, recorded and discarded in a ruined hotel, which become truly poignant when you later meet his daughter all grown up; or the sight of two skeletons huddled together on a bed, aging remnants of a world long dead. These aren't even moments that the game demands you witness, but a small number of many details strewn across the wasteland, just waiting to be found. After ten or so hours playtime you slowly become a part of this expansive world and even though the characters and dialogue may not be the best at times, the persona of the wasteland itself will have you forever captivated.

It would take nothing less than a small book to detail all this games complexities, this is not a pick up and play title, you need to set entire days, nights and bleary eyed mornings aside for this. No matter how much you wish it, you cannot slot a quick half hour in before work (and believe me you'll want to). You will be late. It will total your social life, replace your relationships and nourish you more than meals, it's stealing my life away, and I love it."

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