1UP: MySims Kingdom Wii Review

1UP writes: "I'm all for the "YouTube-ing" of videogames -- giving players the virtual utensils usually reserved for overworked level designers. Whether I'm customizing everything in Little Big Planet or diversifying my garden in Viva Piñata, I love having a toolbox to impart my panache.

MySims Kingdom is a relative departure from last year's initial MySims outing, removing the Viva Piñata-style elements (where various items attract residents), adding RPG elements (like errand boy/girl fetch quests), and divvying up the landmass into several themed islands. You'll flick your wrist to mine, fish, dig, and shake down trees to collect essences, which unlock blueprints to build necessary structures. Thankfully, you can eschew the generic arthritis-inducing motion controls for the face buttons if you prefer."

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