1UP: MySims Kingdom DS Review

1UP writes: "Though they share some characters and a name, MySims Kingdom on the Wii and DS are two completely different games. The DS version requires you to rebuild the kingdom after a villainous Sim vaporizes most of its buildings and landmarks, and you'll fix up homes, run tedious errands, and even craft a robot dog in the name of restoring homeostasis.

You'll stabilize the kingdom through minigames (fishing, kayaking, tennis, and so on), which award you with "blueprints." Most of these minigames are dull and unresponsive, though -- think bootleg Brain Age and WarioWare). Over Wi-Fi, though, head-to-head kayak mode's actually kinda fun; steering your kayak takes skill (flicking the stylus rows the oar), and turning requires timing and finesse. The worst events are ski jump, which involves blowing into the mic to jump farther, and stargazing -- a simple connect-the-dots constellation game. Time of day dictates what types of minigames and shops are available, and it also determines which animals appear where for the animal-finding side quest."

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