GamesRadar: Transformers Animated: The Game Review

GamesRadar writes: "Let's have a pretend conversation, shall we? We'll start: "There's this new DS game that stars a group of giant robots who are fighting other giant robots. Oh, and they can all change into motor vehicles like semi trucks and helicopters.'

Now, we'd bet you a thousand dollars your reply was not, "Is it a side-scrolling puzzle platformer like that old game Lost Vikings?" And even if you did, we'd bet a million dollars our answer wouldn't be "Actually, yes it is. That's exactly what it's like, except with chunky 3D graphics and some semi-lame driving bits added in between." But that's what makes Transformers Animated: The Game such an interesting surprise."

You'll love

* Uncommon gameplay type
* Faithful to the franchise
* Megan Fox. If she was in here, we mean

You'll hate

* The driving segments
* Excited dialogue written for ten year-olds
* Not very long or gorgeous

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