SOE Wants More Female Game Developers

GamePlasma writes:

"Sony Online Entertainment is reaching out to everyone involved in the video game industry to join their efforts to educate and recruit more women into the field of video game creation, design and production."

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Yi-Long3681d ago

... I just care about the quality of the final product!

So I never really get a good feeling about these kind of 'statements', like 'ow... we want more female politicians', or 'we want more female cops' etc... cause usually it's followed by 'We want at least 30-50% of our employees to be women.

If they have the quality, that's all great, but TBH I feel we should look at quality first, gender second.

This whole 'we want more women in politics', here in Holland, has led to some of the most idiotic dumb women ever to rise to power.

The problem being, ofcourse, that there are less women available for these positions, and thus less women qualified, and thus you might have a group of 1000 men to choose from, and a group of 200 women to choose from. If you pick the 5 best men and the 5 best women, there's a good chance that some of the picked women are less qualified than the men that didnt get selected.

So I'm all for women getting a great carreer and being succesfull etc... but we shouldnt forget to select on QUALITY first, and after that we should look at other factors that might be important for the cmpany/country.

dxmnecro3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

That COULD be true of the video game industry. However, if you look at video games and the saturation of video games into the female population, there is a big gap. With women gamer designers, there could be a whole new way of looking at video games and introduce an even larger market of gamers for companies to target.