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Gun_Senshi3357d ago

Some fanboys say MGS AI suck because you can sneak in Drum Cans and Card Board Boxes!!!

CEO OF N4G3357d ago


If this story is true then i have to stop smokeing weed...

How the F do u escape prison with a CARDBOX!!!!...i dont know what to say

This has to be one of the funniest things i haver ever heard!!!!.....

:(hahahahaha) XD

Shane Kim3357d ago

Hahhahahahahha that was the best comment I've red in a looooong time.

The Matrix3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

See, video games don't just have a negative effect on society.

joydestroy3357d ago

LULZ!!! that's seriously crazy. security definitely needs to be beefed the hell up there!

@The Matrix
hahaha nice sarcasm :D

NegativeCreep4273357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Videogames are such a great negative influence on world-wide society that criminals are using them to escape from their prison sentences.

Soon our children will use these Satan-constructed games to learn how to make drugs and kill their parents in their sleep and avoid lawful punishment.

Video games are a plague to the world!!! *End Sarcasm, (like nobody knew that was sarcasm)*

LOL! I'm sorry, but I just had to make my early impersonation of what the typical American attorney will say in response to this story; Gloria Allred needs to die!!!

Bubble Buddy3357d ago

And people said that video games were worthless and doesn't help in life...

Mozilla893357d ago

that's freaking sweet, the fact that he managed to pull it off should mean that he can go free lol.

hay3357d ago

@1.1: According to BBC it's true:

OMG, this is one of the funniest news I've read in my entire life :D

Tyler Durden3357d ago

and people said that would never work in real life

Jamegohanssj53357d ago

Only possible due to the cell on Playstation 3.


kwicksandz3357d ago

I assume he hid in the box and was loaded into a truck and transported out of prison somehow not crawling around inside the box pausing when guards are near ala mgs

Fail gun senshi... epic fail.

DaTruth3357d ago

This just shows how realistic MGS4 really is.

hokis4ever3357d ago

I guess some people can't take jokes... surprise, surprise

buy a ps33357d ago

LOL this is why PS3s are not allowed in jail.

pixelsword3357d ago

...I mean shooting people does eventually kill them if you do it enough.

And I fall for the "open playboy on the floor trick" every time.

Now if I can only get a camera, then every hot woman that wants to kill me will pose at my whim!


buy a ps33357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

pixelsword i know that is one of the great things about the game they make is feel so real and then throw stuff like that in their the effect is amazing.

RemmM3357d ago

This guy must be REALLY inspired in the Metal Gear Solid series lol!! I wonder if someone gave him a codec-I mean phone call and informed him on how to escape the most unexpected way. Truly inspirational lol

DeadIIIRed3356d ago

Hilarious. Would have been even better if he distracted the guards with a Playboy.

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PirateThom3357d ago

Metal God Solid isn't just a game, it's a guide.

Using ketchup to escape a cell is logical, so is this.

Kudos to Kojima.

Figboy3356d ago

i remember the first time i played the game way back when, i was like, "a ketchup bottle? why the hell would i need - ohhhhhh"

it still cracks me up with how absurd it is. the fact that the ketchup trick worked is even funnier. god i love video games.

and now, thanks to this story, real life also.

escape in a cardboard box...

lol. hey, sometimes the simplest plan is the most effective.

iHEARTboobs3357d ago

I wonder if he also used a nudie magazine to help keep the guards occupied?

ezcex3357d ago

solid is still alive guys. rejoice!!

PimpHandHappy3357d ago

i bet he lives in one today


but really if this is true it is sooooooo fukn classic