Nintendo defends Wii Music sales, says it's an "evergreen title"

Wii Sports and Wii Fit have, for the most part, sold at astronomical rates. Though, the same cannot be said for the third brother in the family, Wii Music. Reported NPD numbers say that Wii Music sold more than 50,000 units, which isn't exactly terrible. However, compared to Wii Fit, Wii Music has garnered a less successful reception. Nintendo wholeheartedly believes in the game, however, and are more than willing to defend the game's sales...

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TheDesperado3653d ago

You fail with Wii Music and I hope all of your new "Wii ___" titles fail.

CEO OF N4G3653d ago

Nintendo sucks..... :/
I dont care if i was a fan of them back in the staar fox days,the WII has made me hate them!!!


ChickeyCantor3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )


Lol like if Hardcore is what you think it is...
But whatever boils your goat =D

Then support it?
Seriously, cause if there is a game you "core gamers" bash things like the graphics while it could be a solid title at its core...but when a new Wii-fit is announced you people say there are no hardcore games...

But Re:4 sold sh/tloads...there are enough "core"gamers on the Wii.
Okami sold "better" compared to the PS2 version who had a 120m install base.

Wii is doing fine.

Danja3653d ago

The Wii has alot of good Hardcore titles...the thing is..Wii owners just dont buy them...

they buy Sonic & Mario Olympics , Wii Fit , Wii Sports , and all the other crappy carnival games...

I loved Zack & Wiki , Metroid Prime 3 , No More Heroes and RE4

Danja3653d ago

I do support the Wii dude...I do own one...I buy games that tend to my liking..

as I stated:

No More Heroes - My Fave
Zack & Wiki - had great platforming
Mario Cart...

I also bought Okami again 4 the Wii.....those are all the games i've bought 4 the Wii...

but that doesn't mean I wont Bash Nintendo..they're sell outs..and have totally gone soft this gen...I actually play more Gamecube games in my Wii than I actually do Wii games..

ChickeyCantor3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

I was referring to the haters.

And how are they sell outs?
Seriously? What did they do, or where did they lie about the Wii?
How is being soft "selling out"?
They still deliver the games they always made...
I really don't get this...

And no i'm no Nintendo fanboy, i just find your logic to be really unrealistic.
If there are people who are "sell outs" it would be the gamers who pretend that they supported Nintendo with the N64(wich sold bad) and GCN(wich sold bad too, and now claim Nintendo has abandoned them.

At least Wii is healthy for the industry, if we look at the sales of the other 2 consoles i wouldn't think that would be "healthy".

I'm glad with What Nintendo did, it gives this industry an extra leg to stand on. Third party developers should kick in too, it's not just Nintendo, They will deliver and you know it.
Third party developers should step up too( and we see that happening too...slowly).

Danja3653d ago

well sorry I was huge Nintendo fan till the Gamecube...I loved the 64..was a very Hardcore system...

Now all Nintendo makes is these crap Wii games..Wii Sports , Fit , Music...and what not..

yes they made Brawl , Mario Kart , SMG , Metroid and Zelda(which wasn't that good either)

but they are clearly catering to the casuals this gen...and why should 3rd party devs support the Wii ? when they makes great games like No More Heroes Wii owners dont buy them....they rather go Buy Raymon..EA:Carnival Games...Wii Fit , Wii Sports , Wii Play Mario and Sonic...all of which are just mini games..

Nintendo did what it did with the Wii because they realised they couldn't compete with the PS3/360 in the hardore Market..they would have been in the same position as with the Gamecube...dont think they were trying to save the Game Industry..that's utter crap..

Animal Crossing is the only Wii game I will buy this Xmas 4 the Wii..

Sarcasm3653d ago

Whoa whoa whoa nowww...

WiiChair is going to sell 5 million on launch day, gauranteed!

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TheColbertinator3653d ago

I know that Wii Music was just a marketing strategy by Nintendo.I like Animal Crossing and Wii Sports but Wii Music cannot be considered to me a true Nintendo game but more as a Majesco game.

ChickeyCantor3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Actually Wii-music was more like Mario...
Sound weird i know.

Let me explain, from what i learned from interviews.

The reason he made Wii-music was due the fact that people said to him: I became a gamedeveloper because of Super mario Bros.
He actually wanted people to become interested in Music...and he hoped that later they would say the same thing but then : " i became a musician because of Wii-music"

I know it sounds stupid to you people and such but that's what The guy himself said.
You gatta give him some slack, it's a guy with dreams.

Therefor i Think Wii-music was in their idea the new kind of Super mario Bros, not gameplaywise, but their mindset in trying something new to introduce something new or inspire people. I wouldn't be here if didn't play Super mario bros as a kid.

So i do think it is a real Nintendo title, all i see in Wii-music is the same thing i saw in Mario paint. But with Wii-music he had "bigger" goals...

Danja3653d ago

Wii music is not a full fledged Steven Colbert said " Majesco Game.."...

Wii Sports was fun was a while..Wii Fit I only tried it was okay but nothing mind blowing...

With games like Rockband 2 and GH...Wii Music...kinda who I can see this game having legs it's not doing as bad as ppl think..

ChickeyCantor3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

"Wii music is not a full fledged game"

Danja, Miyamoto didn't even call it a game, so why should you? XD
Also how is it not a full fledged "game" i mean?

It comes with everything the project was planned for.

Comparing GH and RB to Wii-music is ignorant and you know it.
Wii-music was meant as a "learn to know" some sort of software.
GH and RB are about beating the damn highscores. Not to introduce many different instruments and to get familiar with them.

I don't mind if you think it's better or not, but comparing them while they have different goals as software is just out of place.

@steven below

"I think Wii Music is a good concept and great addition to the music genre but I see it as simple marketing"

Just wondering, why would a man, with so much respect from almost over the world( he did win loads of prizes) lie about his ambitions and dreams in Interviews?

It's not making sense, I don't think this was "simple" marketing.
That would mean this guy, Miyamoto would be lying and i seriously see no reason why he would do such a thing...

"" That said I think Wii Music is a good concept that could do better in an HD console with higher memory and quality if you wish to flesh out the point of Wii Music in a larger scale."

I'm not disagreeing on this, However if the Wii was a HD console, they would have done that, and you know it.
Wii-music might look cheap, but the looks are just by design(simplicity) and the sound is limited due the Specs of the Wii.

Danja3653d ago

Thats just how I see's not a complete package even Miyamoto stated he could have done more with the game...or w/ is...

and yeh I guess that was kinda ignorant of me to compare Wii music To Rockand and GH...both are way better games...XD...just messing wit yah,.

TheColbertinator3653d ago


As much as I know you are a true gamer unlike many others on this site I will disagree.I think Wii Music is a good concept and great addition to the music genre but I see it as simple marketing.The problem with Wii Music according to reviews was the sound quality mainly.That said I think Wii Music is a good concept that could do better in an HD console with higher memory and quality if you wish to flesh out the point of Wii Music in a larger scale.

Now then I think Wii Music is a Majesco type of game.Majesco has admitted before that they will only focus on casual games which require no deep involvement or interesting concepts but merely titles with less than 3 hours of gameplay.I enjoy Animal Crossing however because just like Guitar Hero,is a game offering gameplay for both casual and hardcore.

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IzKyD13313653d ago

anyone else glad this failed?
hopefully nintendo will learn to not throw anything together and hope kids will buy it.....oh wait, by the looks of this statement, they will

from the beach3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Maybe people are seeing it as more of a rental game? I dunno, I saw the advert a few days ago and it looks like great fun. I'd be surprised if it doesn't sell big through the holidays.

LoVeRSaMa3653d ago

I am sure "Ever Green" Titles are meant to start Big.

No one saw this coming =P


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