Kane & Lynch not coming to PS3

Eidos has confirmed that forthcoming killer-app Kane & Lynch: Dead Men will not be coming to the PlayStation 3, instead remaining exclusive to the Xbox 360 and PC.

Last week, the web went all of a flutter after the game's Australian publisher, Atari, put out a press release declaring that the title was also in development for PlayStation 2, PSP and PS3.

However, Eidos has come forward to rectify said mistake, claiming that the press release was full of errors. Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is due for release on 360 and PC later this year.

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Sashy4309d ago (Edited 4309d ago )

That sucks really mutch :( I Really wanted this game for the Ps3.

R34GTR4309d ago

"However, Eidos has come forward to rectify said mistake, claiming that the press release was full of errors."

Translated: Microsoft cut a check. lol

Thank god sony has a first party cause if it was soley up to thrid party companies like these PS3 would end up like the last xbox did.

XboxKing4309d ago (Edited 4309d ago )

Third Party is what made Sony and will keep making Sony’s PS3 number 1.

a list of 3rd party games

MGS4 <- a big 3rd party game here
Devil May Cry <- a big 3rd party game here
Rogue Warrior
WarDevil <- a big 3rd party game here
Tekken 6
The Wall
Mercenaries 2 (this one might be on 360 also I don't know)
Star Ocean 4
Xenosaga Episode part 4 (I've seen some screens shots uuuhhh)
Yakuza 3 (On thier web page its says ITS NOT coming to 360)
Kingdom Hearts III <-- MY GF wanted the PS3 just for this game
Magister Negi Magi 3 (this is a Japan only)
Mahjong Fight Club (this is a Japan only)
Maximo 3
Killing Day Impressions
Heavy Rain
Golden Axe
Sakura Taisen 4 (Japan only again)
FFXIII <- a big 3rd party game here
and more a LOT more

All these games that I have listed are NOT being Published or Developed by Sony, and for the most part they are all exclusive to PS3. If Xbox 360 had taken some of these games then I would say PS3 could be in trouble, but it has not happen yet.

Don’t get me wrong Sony makes some very good first party and second party games.

eques judicii4308d ago

but i think golden axe is also multi

FirstknighT4309d ago

Just one of many reasons to own a 360! This game will own Army of Two!

dantesparda4308d ago

I dont know about that, Army of Two looks good, and the graphics look really good too

PureGamer4309d ago

no it wont, looks like a good game oh well not the end of the world

R34GTR4309d ago

I'll wait for Mercenaries 2 to pwn both of em.

Come on. Hit me back I dare yeah. Take you up on your game titles with diversity challenge. LOL @ anyone who thinks 360 will end with a bigger library than PS3. I'll take a running bet on that.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4309d ago

A lot of smaller companies that made games for the PS2 financially will not be able too on the PS3, so we'll see. : ]

power of Green 4309d ago

Many house holds don't buy more than one console and the Wii's on a roll, lets see if Sony's fanbase can even grow big enough to grab all the dev's attention before we consider your claim as fact.

Runnin n Gunnin4309d ago

Sony loses another one, sure glad I got a 360. Anyone else hate the way the site looks now? :-/

FirstknighT4308d ago

...I already had a few debates on who had the better exclusives and have easily won, but I'll take up your offer...maybe you can give me a better challenge than the others......You start!

borgome4308d ago

In the past sony has always had the largest library of games, the only problem is that 75% of the games aren't even worth renting.

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