GCO: Call of Duty: World at War Review "FRAG!!"

GCO: "Question. How are you able to take a hit franchise to present day, make millions of fans, then send it back into the past and keep your fans? Well, first you will have get to all your fans to return to the game, then your going to need the best reason in the world for them want to buy it - like a flamethrower - that will make them go an tell everyone about and that should do it. And it looks like Treyarch has mastered this skill - thanks to Infinity Ward's unfriendly comment that were made last week - but how well did they master it?"

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killyourfm3657d ago

I think it's pure metrics. They used the COD4 engine, we know those graphics rock. And let's admit it, there's still millions of people who DO love their WWII shooters, despite the outcry against them.

They added a bit more replayability than COD4, kept the stellar graphics, and stayed true to the formula.

I wouldn't buy it new, but I'm definitely eager to play it.

bgrundman3657d ago

I am still sitting on the fence on this one... COD4 is going to be hard to match.

GCO Gamer3656d ago

Of course but you can play cod5 and you will just love it.

CrAppleton3657d ago

You know.. I wasn't sold on the idea of going back to WW II.. I liked the change to current times.. however after reading this.. it really makes me want to get it.. I still may have to wait a while.. seeing how i just got gears.. but you make me want to play this game!

GCO Gamer3657d ago

At first I wasn't, but then I played the game.

iHEARTboobs3657d ago

Looks fun, i'm getting it. Release the hounds!

iggypop1233656d ago

keifer actually says "Send in the Dogs!!!"

RussDeBuss3656d ago

was playing it last night at a friends, and to be honest i didnt find the story as engaging as the one in cod4.

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