New Xbox Experience: Installing NXE

The New Xbox Experience will be released on November 19th and to prepare you for it is this video that shows you just how quick and easy the install will be. For many of you, the download and install will take just a few minutes and you'll be back to gaming before you know it.

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bomboclaat_gamer3475d ago

thanks for clearing that up. installing an update on xbox live is soooo technical

ASSASSYN 36o3475d ago

Without that video I would never have been able to figure out that all I need to do is select yes for the other dashboard updates.

Bnet3433474d ago

LOL! FlecksBocks! I beat you with Yoda :P

ape0073474d ago

guys I have a question,can you play region coded games after installing nxe

I know I sound so stupid but please answer :)

bomboclaat_gamer3474d ago

yes u can play region coded games. if ur in europe u can play PAL. cool huh? and when u in USA its NTSC...woooooo.

seriously tho,
the games are still region locked

bomboclaat_gamer3474d ago

i kicked kigmal's butt in soul calibur a couple months back. i didnt even know he was on n4g lol

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felidae3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

well, i think it's about how fast it is.

The Dude3474d ago

I got into the third NXE preview wave today and it loads up fast. I joined Netflix and the streaming is awesome. Installed a few games to the HD. The NXE interface loads fast.

Bodhi3474d ago

Man, 5 days and all of that is all mine. ALL MINE. Hopefully LIVE doesn't crash from 14 million users downloading the damn thing at once.

DA_SHREDDER3474d ago

Anyone here been getting kicked off of xbox live tonight? My 360 has been freezing as well. I hope its just because of the nxe and not my brand new 360.

Bodhi3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

Yeah, as soon as the 10 000 people who got into the 3rd wave of NXE downloaded the NXE, Live went out for 20 seconds and came back. It's good now, but it's quite the scary indication of what's to come on Wednesday.

My 360 isn't freezing at all, it's breezing through everything, my biggest worry is when the entire Internet's infrastructure will implode on the NXE's release.

M1am1U3474d ago

Me and my buddy got booted off several times within a couple of hours. We were able to sign right back in though. Hopefully that's the worst it'll get.

DA_SHREDDER3474d ago

I just wanna get back to my game of COD5. I thought my 360 was red ringing. Hopefully I dont have the same thing happen to me cause I will be totally depressed.

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The story is too old to be commented.