Sony will manufacture 450k PS2s in Brazil in 2009

The company will invest U.S. $ 4 million in the Free Zone to produce 450 consoles in the first year of operation. Two years since the PlayStation 3 was launched, Sony remains a bitter third place in the market that it led to slack for a decade. The next card of the Japanese giant will invest in Latin America, said this Thursday (13) a vice president of the company.

The launch will take place in Brazil in the third part of the plan, along with Paraguay and Uruguay. "We identified that the Brazilian market is probably the greatest opportunity for us," said Jackson. "Launched the PlayStation 2 in Brazil until June of 2009." The strategy may be linked with the arrival of the PS3.

The launch of the PS2 is at the same time as the brand Tec Toy, representative of the Japanese Sega in Brazil, announced a console called 100% national Zeebo, to be produced in the Manaus Free Zone with mobile phone technology. The console's Tec Toy will cost U.S. $ 300 and its games can be purchased via 3G network with loans sold in prepaid cards.

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Arsenal4Ever3685d ago

another 450k confirmed sales for the PS2. whats the total install base now? 130 million something?

Aclay3685d ago

The PS2 passed the 140 million mark this summer, and still selling.

I think the PS2 could possibly go down in history as the best selling console of all time. At the rate the Wii is selling, it could possibly beat the PS2's numbers if Nintendo keeps it out on the market long enough, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Anon19743685d ago

I could be wrong though. So may think Sony should can the PS2 in favor of the PS3 but that's craziness. They just engineered a new PS2 model, games for the PS2 still break the top 10 list in sales routinely and there are still so many markets worldwide that Sony can tap into that simply can't support hi-end electronics but could support the excellently priced PS2.

mpmaley3685d ago

@ 1.1

Yea I don't think the Wii will catch the PS2. The Wii has a lot more competition and I really don't expect the Wii to be around for a long time. When the Wii-HD comes out at around or near the same launch price as the Wii did, there won't be many out there that will want to buy a cheaper Wii when the Wii-HD is plenty cheap enough.

Shane Kim3685d ago

hhhhm, Brazil is making a new console, and 450k Ps2's is going to be shipped. Smells like a nintendo thingy here, old hardware in a new case. Well it worked for the Wii.

Ldubbz3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

But seriously, all crap aside, I hope Sony will push an even cheaper PS2 console to more developing countries. These people deserve to play games too, albeit older ones. Sony can tap into its HUGE library and sell gaes super cheap and still make some dough. If Sony pushes more into that (they already do tho), Im all for it. With the 3-6-Oh now lowering in price as well, perhaps some of those countries can jump on the next-gen soon as well.

And not that Brazil is exactly one of those countries...there are a lot of extremely poor there, but it is the biggest economy in that region.

Sarcasm3685d ago

There's poor countries all over the world.

I'm sure most of them would rather have food though.

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