GameZone Interview: Peter Anthony Chiodo is "Stoked" for Another Season of Snowboarding

GameZone writes: "There have been many snowboarding games released over the years, but only one – the forthcoming Stoked for Xbox 360 – is associated with Absinthe Films, a producer of snowboarding videos. "We always wanted to make a game that looked like a snowboarding movie," said Peter Anthony Chiodo, Producer and Director of Product Development. "We carefully developed our cameras in the game to meet this goal while making sure that they were complimentary to the gameplay.

"Both the developer and the publishing crew at Destineer watched Absinthe's films; we even attended an Absinthe movie premier to make sure we nailed the feeling and captured the same presentation. We think that some of the stuff we are doing in Stoked is also complimentary to what Travis Rice has done in his new That's It, That's All movie.

"Absinthe Films helped build relationships with the snowboarding world and make sure what we're doing in the game is true to the culture. With their assistance, we've signed eight pros for the game. Travis Rice, Nicolas M?ller, Wolle Nyvelt, Annie Boulanger, and Tadashi Fuse each headline a mountain in the game. Gigi Reuf, Bjorn Leines, and Romain DeMarchi will also appear in game, and we've got excited plans for them! Thirty of the industry's most influential brands have parts of their 2008-2009 clothing and gear catalogue featured in the game. Absinthe Films, Blue Tomato, Method Magazine, Snowboard Magazine, Huck, Onboard, Snowboard Canada Magazine, and Asthetiker all sponsor different aspects of the game.'"

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