Guitar Hero World Tour for Wii sells more than other console versions

NPD numbers last night showed that Guitar Hero World Tour failed to reach the top 10 software sales for October. There may be a bright spot for Activision, however, or at least as far as the Wii version goes.

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Gr813652d ago

How could this be? I thought third party games don't sell on Wii..I guess now fanboys will start the disecting and dicing up the kind of games Wii sells and doesn't sell. Note to fanboys: PLEASE DON'T BOTHER!

Voiceofreason3652d ago

GH3 sold more on Wii last year. Didnt change anything. Nintendo released a chart showing how they've sold more 3rd party software in the first 18 months of any consoles life and they still want to keep repeating themselves.

Danja3652d ago

Most PS3/360 owners are too busy buying ,

Fable 2
Fallout 3.

ChickeyCantor3652d ago

No they are busy bashing consoles...
That's what they are doing.

Buying games takes a minute, now do they actually play them?

StephanieBBB3652d ago

You have alot to learn friend. And I don't have the time to do it...

Captain_Sony3651d ago

Yeah most PS3 owners are playing LBP.. If the total of PS3 sold was 400k.... Thought you Sony fans had it set for 4 million in a week or some BS like that.. What was once the savior of the PS3 and the game that would catapult it to number one is now some what of a bomb..Oh did anyone else notice that things have finally turned around for Sony. PS3 is getting 4 shovelware games this week. Wonder how many people that hate shovel ware will feel differently now that it is on Ps3 as well.

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buy a ps33652d ago

is because Wii owners are cheap and don't want to spent the extra dollar on rock band.

Captain_Sony3651d ago

I just wanted to point two things out for you. 1 Rock Band is only 100.00 on Wii while GHWT is 189.00. Also Rock Band 2 is not out yet for Wii and most Wii owners should already know to pass on it. Why would they support a game that the developers of have made clear they do not like the Wii and do not attempt to make it all it can be while Activision includes every feature for Wii owners and some exclusive content.

sretlaw3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

It's because there's too many new games for the 360 and PS3, so World Tour is a back up title to buy. For Wii owners it's a different story...

Lol, at Gamestop's website World Tour is front page headline when you click for the Wii section. Gears 2 for 360, and World at War for PS3. Neither 360 or PS3 even show World Tour...but they both show Rock Band while Wii doesn't.

Captain_Sony3651d ago

Because it isnt out for Wii... Sad that you want to trash the Wii and its owners but you have no clue what you are talking about. Hard for a game that isnt even out on the console to be in the top 10.. That's like saying 360 owners suck for not buying LBP and it not being in their top 10..

sretlaw3648d ago

LOL, I've played World Tour on Wii...check your facts.

Tacki3652d ago

I believe they're mistaken, actually.

Right there you can see that Guitar Hero: World Tour on the 360 is one slot above the Wii version on NPD's chart. I went searching for this list because I was sure that I noticed the 360 version coming out on top of the others. It would appear that it did come out ahead.

thewho3652d ago

It's because the other consoles actually have games.
Like AAA/AA games that there has been many of the past 2 months.

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