Game Vortex: Blitz: The League II Review

Game Vortex writes: "Graphically, this brawler fits its arcade look and feel perfectly. The player models look decent both on and off the field, while in their uniforms or in their best suits. The only complaint about the visuals that I have is that the players tend to be a bit too shiny, especially when playing in wet conditions. However, the amount of dirt buildup on the players' uniforms is proportional to the amount of play time they get and the current weather conditions, which is great for an added realism even in a game that doesn't necessarily strive for it in gameplay.

The animations are a mixed bag in Blitz: The League II. On one hand, some of the cut-scene and pre-thought-out moves sometimes look great, but on the other hand, some of the basic animations look blocky. The biggest visual difference between this and any game comes when injuries take place. During the game, a big hit will result in a broken collarbone, snapped wrist, blown out ankle, or many other overly graphic pre-rendered animations. These cut-scenes show a muscular skeleton on par with medical animations where the injuries may make your gut squirm. These scenes can be seen online with a simple search, and are definitely not intended for young children to witness. It should also be known that this title shows some sexually suggestive cheerleaders."

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