Random Gamer's Review: Gears of War 2

Grundy the Man writes , "from day one, everyone knew that the original Gears of War was going to be a runaway success. Even before the game was released, Cliff Bleszinski, the games lead designer, had been selling the game as something that would be considered a defining title for the Xbox 360. Though Cliffy had the pedigree of creating great games, many wondered if he would be able to deliver on the grandiose vision that he had been promoting..."

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Jimmy the Greek3655d ago

what can i say, this guy really knows how to write an article

shovelbum3655d ago

I really enjoyed the game but it has its issues. It came in at about 11 hours for my brother and I on co-op so that's respectable. Sadly I didn't get the Friends with Benefits achievement which only adds to my list of glitches in the game. I hosted the game so if anything my bro should have missed out so very odd. The MP is just horrendous with the waiting times and being booted back to the lobby without option to continue to next board is just plain dumb. They'll get the fixed of that I am sure and when they do, it'll be a much better gaming experience. Still I give the storyline a 9/10.

CrAppleton3655d ago

good review man.. this game is awesome.. cant stop playing it!

killyourfm3655d ago

I'm gonna go on a limb and call GOTY for Gears 2 - it's easily between that and Fallout 3.

By the way, what's up with these idiots reporting this review as Spam? I happen to know the reviewer - he's a genuine Human who writes some decent articles daily...

Jimmy the Greek3655d ago

i dont know what the deal is. its been said before and itll be said again, if its good content who cares where its from?

bgrundman3655d ago

People can be jerks sometimes. It really bothers me to see stuff like this happen.

roblef3655d ago

This isn't spam, it's a good article. Thanks for posting it!

roblef3655d ago

What are CliffyB's other games before Gears1?

bgrundman3655d ago

He worked on Jazzy Jackrabbit and the Unreal Tournament series

Jimmy the Greek3655d ago

jazzy jackrabbit!?!?!? ...ive never heard of that game...

JimmyJames703655d ago

Jazzy Jackrabbit? What the heck is that? He's responsible for Unreal Tournament? That one definitely has a love/hate relationship with most gamers. They either love it or hate it.

He definitely hit a home run with GoW though.

bgrundman3655d ago

Jazzy Jackrabbit is an old school Dos based action game. God I miss those days.

bgrundman3655d ago

Thanks for that, I was having a difficult time finding it.

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The story is too old to be commented.