ONM: Wii Music Review

ONM writes: "Forget Bully, forget Madworld, forget Grand Theft Auto. When it comes to controversy, few have courted it quite like Wii Music. Sure, there's no blood and guts to speak of, but nevertheless, no other game has had so many people up in arms as Nintendo's latest lifestyle title.

Since its unveiling at E3 in July, the game has attracted some pretty vicious condemnation. The more hardcore end of the gaming spectrum have been lining up to take a shot. "There's nothing to it!" they cried. "Where's the game?" they bellowed. "It looks like something for my kid sister!" they insisted.

Were they right? Well, to be honest, to a degree, yes. Wii Music isn't technically a game. It's very content light. And, yes, it's a game aimed at a younger demographic than, say, Twilight Princess or Metroid Prime 3 were. However, surprisingly, it's something else too. It's a lot of fun."

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