WorthPlaying: King's Bounty: The Legend Review

WorthPlaying writes: "rcs are boring. If I've learned anything from playing games, it is that orcs are really boring. Generally speaking, when generic orcs show up - ones that don't have anything clever done with them, ones who are just muscular green thickies who shout things like, "Me gronk! Me stab human now!" - I let out a groan. Some games have done clever things with orcs and made them much more interesting. Some games just don't learn. So when I spotted an orc fortress in King's Bounty: The Legend, and they acted like that, I nearly cried. Then I remembered that calling this game unoriginal is in fact a really silly thing to do, so I stomped all over the fortress with my army of dragonflies and pirates and sapient, thorn-shooting plants.

Yes, dragonflies and pirates and plants."

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