WorthPlaying: Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Review

WorthPlaying writes: "It's been eight years since the last, proper Banjo and Kazooie game made an appearance. In that time, there have been a few spin-off titles and plenty of speculation about a possible Banjo sequel, but there were no substantive details until Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts was actually announced. The change in gameplay mechanics caused much gnashing of teeth and general Internet whining, but the fanboy drama was all for naught. Yes, Nuts and Bolts is different, but it's still Banjo to the core.

The game begins, as all Banjo games must, on Spiral Mountain. Banjo and Kazooie have gained quite a bit of weight over the ensuing years. With Grunty gone, there was very little for our heroes to do, aside from sit and play the Xbox 360. Alas, Kazooie's gameplay session is interrupted by Grunty's skull, which reappears and threatens to eliminate the bear and the bird. While the bickering commences, L.O.G. (the Lord of Games) appears and zaps the trio to Showdown Town, a video game world of his creation. It is here that Banjo and Kazooie will battle it out with Grunty for control of Spiral Mountain."

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