MMO's and Consoles... A Match Made in Heaven - As far as gaming is concerned, I've been around the block a few times and it's safe to say I'm not one a mother approves of. However, in the last few months, I'm fast finding that the Xbox 360 is becoming my home, my beacon for games to get stuck into. I got my Wii last Christmas and already the amount of Xbox games I have is starting to outweigh my Wii collection-and I'm not one to trade games, either.

One thing I have also noticed is the lack of MMORPG's. (I'm being careful to add RPG to the end each time as there are plenty of MMO games on the 360, just not RPG's).

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Harry1903679d ago

cancel Age of Conan for the 360. There has been no information about the game for so long. It's not as if there are no serious alternatives. Champions Online for one looks decent and APB.

The PS3 will have The Agency, a few MMOs already on the Jap PS Store and DC Universe MMORPG.

iiraymoii3679d ago

If im looking for MMOS for my will be for my PS3. MMOS on my 360..ehh..not so much. Im looking forward to what SONY has coming in terms of MMOS..cant wait!

Radiodread3679d ago

And I hate JRPGS. Thaose are the only two genres I HATE. Everything else is a blast. The MMO DC universe on ps3 looks...interesting though.

LostChild3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Some of them have been cancelled.

These are the only ones I know of at the mement that are still in production or have not been confirmed to be cancelled yet.

Age of Conan, has slipped under the radar ever since it was released on PC.

Huxley, has faded into the unknown after all the beta leaks died down.

Champions, seems to be still on track but that could change.

APB, is still coming along nicely but who knows when that will be out.

Boarderlands, has also faded into the unknown since it's trailer was


Dragon Ball Z, has not be mention since I last saw some gameplay clips.

Raoh3679d ago

i think NCSoft also has a few MMO plans for the PS3. they signed an exclusivity deal in 2007 as well.

and there was mention from the developers that after champions online for the 360 they want to work the ps3 version as well.