GamerTM: Skate 2 Hands-On Preview

GamerTM writes: "It's amazing how simple things can have a profound impact. Look no further than Skate for a prime example of this - with its intuitive dual-stick control system and a no-nonsense style that shunned the glitzy baboonery of the Hawk games in order to focus on the skateboarding, Skate proved to be the proverbial breath of fresh air that the extreme sports genre needed.

Fast forward a year, and once again, Black Box is looking to make the simple things count. Granted, such was Skate's impact last year that we're unlikely to see its sequel have such a dramatic effect when it's released next year. But while Skate 2 is clearly more evolution than revolution, those little changes are adding up nicely. Of course, many of these changes are the usual refinements you'd expect from any sequel. The graphics, for instance, show the usual signs of improvements. The frame rate has been increased from 30 frames per second to 60, the animation is slightly smoother, lighting, reflection and shadowing effects are more refined and your character will now display things like cuts and bruises if you take a tumble."

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