Top 10 Xbox 360 tips and tricks writes: "As we covered top 10 tips and tricks for the PS3, we didn't want to put Xbox 360 gamers' noses out of joint. So for your surfing pleasure here are our top ten tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Microsoft games console."

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Th3 Chr0nic3658d ago

wow i was going to read this but when the first thing i hear from a website is "congrats u just won a free nintendo wii" and it is saying it over and over on top of itself...i tend to close the window and never go to that site again

PotNoodle3658d ago

Of these articles do we need? There has been far too many 360 and ps3 ones, most of them telling us nothing new.

Magic_The_Celt3658d ago

Wtf? so xbox gamers consider a HDMI cable expensive?

you can get one for like £12 or around $20

and i happen to know for a fact a £40 HDMI cable produces nothing better than a £12 one

killyourfm3658d ago

This should have been flagged as Spam. No one needs to go to a site to be bombarded with TWO obnoxious auto-playing "you've won a Nintendo Wii" ads.

Absolutely ridiculous.

uckitsayitchbay3658d ago

Simply by wedging a screwdriver or knife into the join found on the plastic box at the end of video cable supplied with the Xbox. Take it off, and while it won't look great, it will allow you to plug in a cheap HDMI cable.

wtf are they talking about on thi one someone please pm me