PlayTM: Guitar Hero World Tour Review

PlayTM writes: " Guitar Hero, the little rhythm action game that took over the world with its revolutionary controller and insanely addictive gameplay. How we love you. Recently though you've had a rival for our affections, that sparkly new Rock Band whatsit, the one that comes complete with a fancy new drum kit and microphone to compliment its duel guitars. Thankfully you're not letting this faze you; instead you're looking to beat Rock Band at its own game with your own take on the group music experience, Guitar Hero World Tour.

Probably the first thing you'll notice when you unpack the large box World Tour comes is the new slider bar that appears half way down the neck of the guitars. It's World Tour's version of Rock Band's solo buttons allowing players to slide through certain note sequences without the need to strum, just like a real guitar. This smooth, touch sensitive element makes playing it feel far more organic and natural than you're used to and marks a genuine step forward for the genre's hardware. Other more subtle changes to the guitar includes a slightly stiffer strum bar to help the feel of playing notes as well as a longer whammy bar for ease of use. There's also a new dedicated button to kick off Star Power, although this is optional for those who enjoy lifting the guitar neck like Status Quo."

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