Boomtown: Mirror's Edge Review

Boomtown writes: "The hands-on I wrote in recent history ended with a stipulation regarding Mirror's Edge's outcome as a successful FPS considering its rather unorthodox take on the genre. There was a question raised about whether the game could offer enough diversity to keep the whole parkour gimmick fresh at the same time as suspending the player in a believable narrative. Having now completed the full game there are so many things I would like to say to support my previous impressions, but I can't escape the shortcomings that having more than the demo's five minute's of play has aroused.

I'd like to think that my hands-on gave off a positive vibe. If it didn't then I should probably rethink my choice of careers, but it's important that you guys acknowledge my appreciation of Mirror's Edge as a concept alone. What Dice has achieved with such an abused genre is quite spectacular, and they deserve a firm slap, if not a rub, on the back for their contribution. The game is an FPS through-and-through, but what sets it apart from other titles in its ilk is how it makes use of the classic viewpoint without emphasising gunplay."

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