Clinton, Lieberman Get Behind ESRB

"Senators Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Joe Lieberman (D-CT) recently endorsed the new rating summaries implemented by the ESRB. The summaries, available on the ESRB website, provide a paragraph-length description of game content to accompany the familiar short phrases like "Blood and Gore" and "Mild Peril".

During the Hot Coffee controversy, Clinton called for government regulation of video game content. More recently, following the Manhunt 2 rating change from "Adults Only" down to "Mature", both Clinton and Lieberman felt the ESRBs standards were inconsistent. Both senators called for a review of video game standards to enforce consistency and raise confidence in the rating standards.

However, the latest move by the ESRB to help inform consumers of video game content has won both acceptance and praise from both senators."


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italianbreadman3679d ago

So are they coming to their senses now?????

cain1413679d ago

The ESRB is still pretty random in my opinion. You can watch stuff on normal TV during primetime that would be M rated (possibly AO)...

The ratings seem harsh compared to Film/TV industries...

Darkseider3679d ago

Rating video games is like trying to herd cats. It's a GAME, period. Hell football and professional wrestling is violent and kids watch that all the time. Yet letting a kid play a game rated Teen or Mature is a no no? Whatever. Double standards and hypocrisy abound and the only way to stop it is to write your state Senators and tell them to just shut the hell up and do something important. I can think of a few examples... how about working on the economy for starters.