Valve Complete Pack Now Available On Steam

If you're thinking of buying the PC version of Left 4 Dead, you might want to look into purchasing the new Valve Complete Pack off Steam. In addition to L4D, the $100 package comes with both Half-Life games and a slew of additional content for each.

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EvilCackle3686d ago

I'd be amazed if there were a lot of PC gamers out there who didn't already own Half-Life and/or Half-Life 2 - but that's just me being a jaded gamer junkie.

TheROsingleB3686d ago

If I didn't own the majority of that package already, I would definatly be getting this. Good deal, IMO.

comm133686d ago

Played most of them and got bored QUICKLY. The only good thing that ever came out of this whole poor gaming development is Counterstrike and Day of Defeat - my opinion.

EvilCackle3686d ago

Really? You didn't like Half-Life 2?

VMAN_013686d ago

Why would they put in Counter Strike norm when Source is already there.

EvilCackle3685d ago

Meh, not like it costs them much. I doubt that game sells well. Some of the old-timers apparently prefer that version, though.

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