Call of Duty: World at War Video Comparison - 720p

See how the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Treyarch's WWII FPS compare.

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Mr_Bun3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

A lot of people are quick to say the wii is winning this generation, yet I don't see many wii vs PS3 or wii vs. 360 posts...why is that?

Gun_Senshi3655d ago

Fanboy wars.

We don't see PC VS PS3 and X360. We all know PC blows them away graphic wise.

sunnygrg3655d ago

The 360 version does look a bit sharper and I bought the PS3 version.

Kudos to Infinity Ward for making Call of Duty 4 a perfectly identical game across both platforms. I dont give a sh!t about Treyarch.

CEO OF N4G3655d ago

This is just LAME....
Is it just me or are people not tired of this videos every time a new game comes out :/

madestar3655d ago

360 looks sharp.. but it's a bad sharp... not the one i wanna look at.. this video comparison is stupid.. i'm running COD WAW on my ps3 at 1080p... so.. fuk what you think

Sony Rep3655d ago

Looks the same across both platforms...

Nothing to see here...just the world in constant rotation.

Sony Rep3655d ago

I see this trend of multiplatform games looking equal or slightly better on the PS3 to continue throughout next year and beyond.

But, you can only play next generation games on the PS3...

Bitter Tears3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

"360 looks sharp.. but it's a bad sharp... not the one i wanna look at.. this video comparison is stupid.. i'm running COD WAW on my ps3 at 1080p... so.. fuk what you think"

Dude, are you crying or something? How is being sharp bad? There's oversharpening your TV but you know, that's a TV setting. There's no such thing as "Bad sharp" in a game. It has AA, it has cleaner textures, and that's bad? OK.

I love how all of you are brushing aside this comparison for the PS3 over 360 Fallout 3 comparison. It's not lame when the PS3 is winning but it is when the 360 is winning? OK.

Disagrees are everywhere, looks like everyone here is crying. :'(

On another note, anyone notice the achievement on the 360 version when the Japanese soldier on fire jumps on Pvt. Ryan? This quite obvious to people who have the 360 version but it's Saving Private Ryan 10G. :D

SeNiLe9113655d ago


The worst site I have ever seen to watch a video on, anyone else have this buffering problem? I have a 10 MB connection!

Danja3655d ago

Both games look identical to me......and plays identical...and thats what matter that no-one on either side is getting shafted...

vhero3655d ago

OMG are people not sick of these videos already do people HAVE to compare every multiplatform release??? its a god damn joke!

Snyph3r3655d ago

You can also get a trophy in PS3 for saving Private Ryan from the flaming Jap

sirbigam3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

It's just kinda messed up when any multiplatform isn't on the same level for the systems they come out on, the 360 version looks sharper with better tones , and effects by a bit. When he cut the guys neck the amount blood that went on the wall is more & looks better compared to ps3.

Reveiws lik this are good because gamers can catch the companies in their act bfore buying the game, instead of buying the game and seeing if they get skrewed over or not.

P.S. Nobody is tired of these vidoes if yu are why are yu here dip sh!ts.

Jamegohanssj53655d ago

Both versions look bad. My bad, all of them do especially the last gen including Wii lmao!


Beast_Master3655d ago

The 360 version looks slightly sharper on this comparison video. Which is good since you have to pay more to enjoy the game on the 360!!

MNicholas3655d ago

but the 360 version is less gimped, probably because the hardware is much simpler to work with. Cutscene animations are good.

FrankenLife3655d ago

People seem to forget that no matter what system a game is developed on the goal of the developer is to make them look and play the same. Only when a developer totally fails with one system does it really matter. When you have to split hairs as to which is better than the other, then you are taking it too far. Perhaps if the goal with multiplat games was to optimize it completely for each system independently, then there would be reason to compare like this.

I am getting Fallout 3 for 360 because of the DLC not the graphics. I've seen it and it looks just fine. I'm getting this for PS3, because the people I want to play this with are on my PSN friends list. Graphic differences like this are a non issue.

Sarcasm3655d ago

I'm gonna agree with most people that the 360 version is just a tiny micron of a pixel hair sharper.

But if there wasn't this side by side comparison, I wouldn't be able to tell a difference.

poopface13655d ago

at the beginning, when the guy is gettin beaten you can see a guy standing in the background. On 360 that guy has a backpack and other crap on, in the ps3 it is just a flat texture on the guy. mabe they ran outa time and didnt put that in.

Other than that they are pretty similar.

Bodhi3655d ago

Casually looking: Identical
Looking hard: Gun textures and rock textures on the 360 are sharper, seems like AA on the 360 version.

Neither version looks that great anyways.

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Eidolon3655d ago

Actually.. the PC has that potential, but not ALL PC's can run these games better than the next generation consoles.

Gun_Senshi3655d ago

CODs always had low requirements compared to other PC games.

bviperz3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

I play CoD 4 with 3 year old tech with highest settings at 1920 x 1200 and average 85 fps (using Fraps). Only desktops still running Pentium 2's would have a hard time running the game.

DevastationEve3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Hard to believe that ^^^^^

Intel Core 2 Duo t5250 1.5Ghz
nVidia GeForce 8600m GS 256MB
2 GB DDR2-667 PC2-5300
Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit SP1

i get 20-60FPS when i use 1024x768 and settings at default averaging about 30FPS

and this is a laptop about 1.5 years old

belal3655d ago

except in some areas where the ps3 is a bit sharper ;)

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3655d ago

Call of Duty:World at War(xBox 360) Vs KillZone 2 = KillZone 2 WINS!!!

Gears of Wa*k 2:So Macho(xBox 360) Vs KillZone 2 = KillZone 2 WINS!!!

Halo 3(xBox 360) Vs KillZone 2 = KillZone 2 WINS!!!

So the...
|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| WINS!!! ;)

Oh Dear, POOR Micro$oft's cheaper xBox 360 still can't beat the more expensive Wii in the U.S.of.A!!!(2 Months in a row now!!!) ;-D ;-D ;-D
WTF are they going to do now???

JasonPC360PS3Wii3655d ago

With your track record of denial, I don't even need to watch it to know the 360 won.

3655d ago
SaberEdge3655d ago

It's obvious the 360 version looks better. PS3 fanboy denial notwithstanding.

Maxned3654d ago

Everyone look at these time frames.


Look at the Prisoner of War's head.

Which look blurrier?

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darkequitus3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

there are silly things like the backpack is missing from the PS3 version on the guy outside giving someone a beating for some reason
Big deal


InMyOpinion3655d ago

Watch the lighting on the ceiling at the beginning. It's better on the 360. Also, there are more particle effects in the 360 version (like when the soldier gets his throat slit and the blood sprays on the wall). It also looks sharper than the PS3 version and has less jaggies.

Other than that they are identical.

shine13963655d ago

I looked at the same scenes and thought that the ps3 version looked better. Go figure...

This game is near identical, move along people, nothing to see here.

Fishy Fingers3655d ago

Dont panic. I have figured this all out.

To see the difference you first need to set your monitor to "fanboy", should all be clear then.

Rich16313655d ago

Cheers mate, Bubbles for you. That was clever and very funny.

bunbun7773655d ago

Well unless me and Jenzo need to get our eyes fixed, I think he is right in saying their is a slight slight edge to the 360, the blood on the wall was more evident, there seems to be less blur on the 360, they look very similar but that's what I see.

Wanna give me 6 disagrees now?

robotnik3655d ago

I'll give you another one for shts and giggles.

bviperz3655d ago

Early morning here and I'm already laughing! Thanks mate!

GrammarPolice3655d ago

I tried it and it works!

Great comment, still laughing!


joydestroy3655d ago

yup, bubbles Fishy, hahahaha

Oner3655d ago got me fishy ~ bubbles

Ju3655d ago

I agree with Jenzo on this one. But I think not a significant difference to make a decision which to buy (for people who need that). PS3 is still good, though, but 360 is sharper.

Sarcasm3655d ago


The blood squirting is due to COD4's dynamic character engine. It's going to be different again and again and again.

Look at the character models of the older soldiers that get's stabbed by the U.S. marines. They are different from the 360 version to the PS3 version. But in actuality, they will be different again when you reload the same level.

Just like COD4, people used to compare "why is the soldier's hand in the helicopter different?"

This is no different.

But by all means if your happy about the 360 version being "superior" then you need to re-think the next 30-40 years of your life.

ultimolu3655d ago

Awesome Fishy. xD

They look the same to me.

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