Lots of people having trouble with Football Manager 2009 DRM from Snappy Gamer

Snappy Gamer is noticing a large number of complaints on various forums about Football Manager 2009's DRM. Apparently people are having trouble getting their copies of Sports Interactive's football management sim authorised. The official Football Manager forums are currently down, as is the official website, presumably due to thousands of people queuing up to complain/ask for advice.

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madmonkey03655d ago

its funny, all thoose who have bought the game are having trouble becuase of si’s drm, but all thoose who have illegally downloaded the game have it working fine, without the need for activation.
as with all DRM it wont stop the pirates ,but it will piss off a lot of genuine customers. shamefull

Gorgon3655d ago

Can't the PC Defence Force do nothing about it?

*end of sarcasm*