IncGamers: Call of Duty: World at War Review

IncGamers' Andy Alderson contends with Treyarch's latest addition to the COD series. Is it time for the developer to step out of Infinity Ward's shadow?

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Leord3622d ago

I just love war games. I wonder how they will all look ten years from now. When will they finally implement a neuro-transmitter so you can be IN the game =D

Maticus3622d ago

oh please, let that day be very soon :)

martynmj3622d ago

oooo 8.8 / 10 looks like a very good, one which i will definately be buying!

AndyA3622d ago

This game has amazing visuals. Some of the best I've seen on the PS3 so far.

Pennywise3622d ago

You need to play more PS3 games. Not saying these graphics are BAD... but there are plenty better.

thetamer3622d ago

awesome. This is great, not sure it beats MW, but it's close, it's certainly close

Radiodread3622d ago

its a league away from MW. This one sucks like COD: 3 did. I had VERY high hopes for this game and now I'm extremely disappointed. Its COD: 3 with jungles and japaneses.

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