KotOR MMO will be a great game, FACT, says Blizzard

It's "a fact" that BioWare's recently announced MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic will be great, Blizzard has said.

However, speaking to earlier this week prior to the midnight launch of World of Warcraft expansion Wrath of the Lich King at HMV Oxford Street, chief operating officer Paul Sams issued a word of warning to his new-found rivals in the MMORPG space, saying the key question will be whether BioWare will be able to cope with online issues and "players smacking them around".

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Pebz3683d ago

Fact huh? Someone slow down the hype-train already or it will crash at full speed like so many games do nowadays.

Besides, any smart PR guy will understand that you don't overtly attack someone else's game, even if they are direct competition.

Instead you go humbly about it, but then subtly add little zingers like; "key question will be whether BioWare will be able to cope with online issues and "players smacking them around"." suggesting that Bioware doesn't really have the experience and the game might fall a part anyway.

rucky3683d ago

Why can't Bioware just finish where they left off with Sith Lords?

Pebz3683d ago

Bioware didn't make KOTOR 2, it was Obsidian Entertainment, but yes, someone should have properly continued the KOTOR series.

pain777pas3683d ago

Still this is an intersting game nonetheless. This game comes from a consistently high quality game maker so its safe to say that it won't suck IMO.

darkjanus3682d ago

Bioware and Blizzard are the two companies which have the best track record in games that i can think of. Neither of them will ever rush a game out to meet a deadline or sen out a substandard product.

Whenever Bioware make a game it garrenteed to be good fun at worst, so i do believe it will be a great game. But i think Blizzard is correct, you really need to know what your doing online, which Bioware does have some experiance in but we'll just have to see how it goes.

Im hoping i can fianlly find an MMo to replace WoW as for my daily fix.

EDIT: im not hoping it will be a WoW killer ive just been looking for a new MMO for a while and so far havent found any which came close *cough* Vanguard *cough* age of conan *cough*

DeadlyFire3681d ago

Fact is half the fans don't care about The Old Republic without a KOTOR 3 game. Lucasarts fails to see it this way.