Wrath of Lich King Gets Its First Level 80

And like that, someone already hit 80. A mere 27 hours after World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King launches, the game apparently already has its first level 80: a warlock named Nymh that plays on a French server. "In real life I'm 21 and currently employed," says Nymh. "I took a few days of vacation for the release of the expansion." Dude's gonna need another vacation after this "vacation."

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-GametimeUK-3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

pffft... Im not even lvl 71 yet lol... Athene should of been first but he got banned for doing something that is perfectly legal... gratz Nymh but Athene's name should be there

(edit) or it may of been Darus who should have that spot

chasuk083653d ago

I think your on the wrong site. The majority of readers including myself have no idea what and who you are talking about.

The Matrix3653d ago

That's insane...if he keeps that up he'll have nothing to do!

kwicksandz3653d ago

This is n4g not n4 console gamers. if you dont know or dont care about pc articles GTFO of the pc section.

I wanna know if this was the same french mage who was first to 70 when BC launched!

lsujester3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

I don't think it's the same guy. But Athene is the fastest from 1 to 70 straight last I heard.

And for the record, it wouldn't hurt my feelings if they didn't give him the record back. The mob-tagging trick is a pretty cheap way to level, if you ask me.

Cheeseknight283652d ago

Then why are you on this page?

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So Easy I Can Do It3653d ago

Athene was the first but the GM banned him

moe843653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Darus hit 79, was reset to 70. He in fact, was suspended apparently. Very very different from a ban. I would assume if one member of the party got the suspension, the others would too.

The fact that people still, after 4years can't tell the difference between a ban, and a suspension is hilarious.

according to the site you linked, the GM "temporary suspend" the group. So according to that site, they were suspended. Not banned

So Easy I Can Do It3653d ago

calordon kicked him
your pro or your noob, that's life

likedamaster3653d ago

Told by GM that it was allowed, then banned by same GM.

moe843653d ago

Going back and looking into the whole Athene issue. It looks like that pic of the original GM convo is fake as hell. More like terri-bad photoshop. Not trying to hate on anyone or anything. But come on. Other members of that forum said something along the lines of mob tagging in an instance is bad, but in the world is fine. That sounds about right. Especially since Blizz changed their status on the issue when the one Pally went from 1-70 in like 24-26 hours.

Perhaps the convo is fake, perhaps it's real. If it is real, maybe the player was not clear on his intention. If he had said where he was going to be leveling. The GM answer may have been different. But according to the screen shots, and video there were two GMs. It may look bad for Blizz, but this happens a lot. One GM, says one thing. And a higher GM, with the final say will have a different take on the issue. And on that, in defense of Blizz. You can't really think that ALL GMs employed by Blizz will have all the same knowledge. Especially the newer ones. Hell, in the American side alone(North America-South America. Over to Aussi-land, and up to New Zealand) There are probably 700-1000 GM's between Irvine and Austin. They won't all have the same idea of what is allowed and not. Even if the GM in the screen shot did mess up. Blizzard has to uphold their rules. And not allow (even if there is a mistake on their end) exceptions. If the group did in fact break the rules. Blizzard felt they did, they got suspended. After looking deeper, perhaps a ban. Other people have been popping up on forums saying their getting hit doing the same thing.

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ParaDise_LosT3653d ago

where Odion has been xD

j/k :P

moe843653d ago

This shouldn't be that much of a surprise. Especially since the player spent time in the Beta. Giving her/him a serious advantage in knowing where to go.

Players did this for BC too. Especially Warlocks, being able to skip the first few levels of zones. And go straight to the good stuff, while handling the baddies with little to no troubles.

Grats to Nymh

Pennywise3653d ago

I am so glad I quit this game.

Coolmanrico3653d ago

I played the one week trail and became addicted, but when it ended I promised myself to never buy a subscription or I could say bye bye to my free time.

Pennywise3653d ago

Smart!! I played for years and ruined my social life. It was retarded the amount of playtime I logged.

Baba19063652d ago

same here. i hate myself for playing wow that much. i really screwed up in that time.

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