Black Friday 2008 Video Game Deals Update writes:

"Black Friday is quickly approaching, and here is a quick summary of Black Friday video game deals.

Our approach will be simple... to keep down the clutter, we won't list items in the ads that are at full retail price (unfortunately too many items)."

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Wildarmsjecht3684d ago

Oooooo, im looking forward to black friday

The Matrix3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

Black Friday one of the best days of the year. Hopefully this year I'll get an hdtv.

P.S. has anyone looked at the actual Best Buy ad? They are selling Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway for $20. Lol and it just came out like last month.

chaosatom3684d ago

I bought a cheap Dynex tv from Best Buy around $400 and 32 inches,
and its gives amazing picture quality.

I was really unsure whether to buy it or not, because HDtvs were and some are still expensive, but it was a good buy.

usin4203684d ago

I think Gamestop is selling it for $30 brand new, and its not even on sale.

The Matrix3684d ago


That 32" Dynex for $399 is the one I'm looking to get. Is it 720p or what?

@usin420 Yeah I saw that. I feel bad for the people who bought it day 1.

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MegaBit3684d ago

Yeah I am anxiously awaiting black Friday, I have a lot of games I am wanting to pick up.

StalkingSilence3684d ago

terribly incomplete list. keep up with a site like to get all of the deals. i'm sure more will be announced, esp. the week of thanksgiving.

dj_funky3684d ago

whats the exact date for black friday, thanks jw..

dj_funky3684d ago

thanks friend. bubbles for u.

Lucreto3684d ago

I wish they had a Black Friday over in Ireland. I see tons of things I want but little time to play them. There are 10 old releases I want but the only thing I an short of is time.

Does anybody think if Sony was secretly planning to lower the price now would be the perfect timing?

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