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Submitted by darkequitus 2641d ago | image

UK Edge Magazine Christmas 2008 Review Scans

Review scores from the latest magzine.

Left 4 Dead 9/10
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts 7/10
Gears of War 2 9/10
Fallout 3 7/10
Call of Duty: World at War 6/10
Resistance 2 6/10
Mirror's Edge 5/10
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning 7/10
007: Quantum of Solice 5/10
Tomb Raider: Underworld 8/10
Guitar Hero World Tour 7/10
Animal Crossing: City Folk 7/10
Ninja Town 6/10
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 7/10
Manhunt 2 4/10
Silent Hill Home Coming 6/10
Tom Clancy's Endwar 8/10
Socom Confrontation 5/10
Valkyria Chronicles 7/10
Need for Speed Undercover 3/10
Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip 7/10 (PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

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xaphanze  +   2641d ago
are they nuts or nuts?
darkequitus  +   2641d ago
I got the scores from the magazine that came in the post this morning. I have no way to scan them. I don't expect it to be approved. It is there for info anyway.

darkequitus: PSN/XBL
gijose  +   2641d ago
The reviews are a bit harsh overall...

but with many of those games that received bad scores (R2 and Mirror's Edge) it seems like they were getting very good scores or only average scores, so not too surprising considering Edge is such a harsh mag.

Then again it all might be to generate sales of the magazine (negative reviews bring people in droves to check them out)
omni_atlas  +   2641d ago
Edge is generally pretty harsh -- but giving resistance 2 a 6, I didn't see that coming.

Isn't edge the most trusted game magazine out there? From a developers point of view I believe they are pretty reputable. Heck, even N4G advertises in their magazine.
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Alvadr  +   2641d ago
Left for dead 9/10
Resistance 2 6/10.

Wha Wha Wha, they gotta be having some sort of laugh. Swap these 2 scores around, maybe more accurate.
Danja  +   2641d ago
some of the folks at Edge was having a bad day when they reviewed these games..

Fallout 3 - 7
R2 - 6
ME - 5
Valkyria Chronicles - 7

I can't agree with those scores....those games are are really good....derserves nothing below an 8/10
MURKERR  +   2641d ago
edge who i thought were fair have really messed up in this issue
i dont trust their judgement after this im sure alot of gamers will feel the same

they have lost all credibility
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littletad  +   2641d ago
No way in hell does Fallout 3 deserve a 7!!!
CEO OF N4G  +   2641d ago
Now edge is just dumb,i dont trust them any more.And dont think is because they gave resistance2 a7.they gave cod6 a7,gave need for speed a 3...e.t.c I think they are just trying to get publicity. If u want reviews scores just go to IGN.COM...

Im not pissed or angry i just hate gaming sites that try to stand out from the rest by giving low scores to games that are quality.... EDGE can go suck a d1ck,they are not getting any hits from me...
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thor  +   2641d ago
I've got to say I pretty much disagree completely with each and every one of their reviews for PS3 games/multiplatform games on PS3. As well as Left 4 Dead - that score is way too high. Even if I liked the gameplay in L4D it still wouldn't deserve a 9 because it simply doesn't have enough content.
InMyOpinion  +   2640d ago
Imo Mirror's Edge deserves a 6/10. If you haven't played it don't comment back.

What I thought killed the game was the constant trial & error approach you have to use to get past each area. It gets boring fast and the game is limited so that you can never get any better than the level design itself. If they had used some subtle arrows that indicated where you are supposed to go the game would have been a little better. You basically get chased most of the time and if you run in the wrong direction or jump off the wrong ledge you need to endure a frustrating load time before you can try again, and eventually fail as soon as you approach new obstacles. Mirror's Edge is more or less Dragons Lair in a shiny parkour coat.

The other scores are crazy. I think Banjo deserves a 7, but only if Fallout 3 and Resistance 2 get 9's.
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Mr_Bun  +   2640d ago
One more reason professional reviewers are overpaid (unless, of course, these guys were found on the street and gave ratings based on their favorite form of pocket change)
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kevnb  +   2640d ago
holy random review scores
oh well, reviews don't really make any difference to most people.
CEO OF N4G  +   2640d ago
Lets all boycout EDGE......

Who agrees?

From now on i am never going to an EDGE website(not even for a beta code).....

Bubble Buddy  +   2640d ago
wtf? Are they serious with those review scores. Some of those games deserve way higher. Were they on friggin chronic or something that day?
JsonHenry  +   2640d ago
Did they even play Fallout 3?!

That game is an 8 a least.
callahan09  +   2640d ago
OK, now I realize they're of different genres, but... Banjo Kazooie gets a higher score than Resistance 2? Are they on crack? Resistance 2 is a far better than 6 out of 10 game. FAR better. That is just an obscenely low score.

And a 9 out of 10 for Left 4 Dead? That game is no better than Resistance 2. Not saying it's worse, either, but it doesn't have as much to offer as Resistance 2, despite that what it does offer is done very well.

And a 7 for Fallout 3? Are they absolutely joking? That game is massive, with great writing, it's fun, it's just all-around a well done game. What the hell are they thinking?
arika  +   2640d ago
well what can i say... hmmm
i want what these guys on edge are having... they must be on crack while reviewing these games... because all of their reviews doesn't make sense. r2 a 6, fallout 3 a 7, valkyria chronicles a 6..and left for dead a 9..jeeweees lol...

this review is rated epic fail...edge is harsh or what we call selective harshness... is it because of loyalty, persuasion or money?... name your poison.
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poopface1  +   2640d ago
they are the meanest reviewers ever. what games have they given a 10. I do agree with their left for dead. I got the demo from steam, its only two levels but really fun.
Bodhi  +   2640d ago
"Imo Mirror's Edge deserves a 6/10. If you haven't played it don't comment back.

What I thought killed the game was the constant trial & error approach you have to use to get past each area. It gets boring fast and the game is limited so that you can never get any better than the level design itself. If they had used some subtle arrows that indicated where you are supposed to go the game would have been a little better. You basically get chased most of the time and if you run in the wrong direction or jump off the wrong ledge you need to endure a frustrating load time before you can try again, and eventually fail as soon as you approach new obstacles. Mirror's Edge is more or less Dragons Lair in a shiny parkour coat.

The other scores are crazy. I think Banjo deserves a 7, but only if Fallout 3 and Resistance 2 get 9's."

I agree with you completely, after the "Wow, a FPS that's not really a FPS" gloss dulls, there's almost nothing on Mirror's Edge. I played the demo twice and after that, I was bored mindless. Personally, I'd give it a 6.8, there's an original Xbox game that's like Mirror's Edge, but more fun.

I'd give Resistance 2 an 8.3, CoD: WaW a 7.5 and Banjo Kazooie an 8.0
Homicide  +   2640d ago
Those are some pretty harsh scores. I would love to read the reasons why they gave those games that score especially Resistance 2.
InMyOpinion  +   2640d ago
You mean the one Namco did? =) Breakdown! It was kind of cool but had some serious flaws just like Mirror's Edge.
PopEmUp  +   2640d ago
Site so I'm not surprise that all 360 games rate high and all ps3 games are rate low
Wildarmsjecht  +   2641d ago
So...should I start my roflcopter now, or after this is gotten rid of.
Know wha? I'ma start it now.

Roflcopter. Where are these scores even from?


@Darkequitis - If you've got it from Edge magazine that came in the mail this morning, it'll eventually be scanned in sometime today.

Still, I'm leaving my roflcopter flying. This is pure hilarity.
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darkequitus  +   2641d ago
up loading to flickr now
Wildarmsjecht  +   2641d ago
Sweet, I wont have to wait till later on. These magazine scans get up anyway, so don't worry about not being able to scan them half the time. But this does remind me to get a scanner myself..hmm...

should pick that up today.
darkequitus  +   2641d ago
more scans later
CEO OF N4G  +   2640d ago
Thank GOD for N4G.
Can u imagine people who are members of EDGE will actually look at those reviews and think the games deserves those scores.Evere since i joined N4G i now know whos website is bias and who i should trust.Fellow gamers tell ur friends to come and join N4G quick because they is no website that is more none bias than N4G.......We know what is real and not, and today we can all see EDGE is not real..... N4G FTW...
EDGE can go to hell and it should say hello to kotaku when they get there.....
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yoghurt  +   2641d ago
they have got to be having a laugh COD5 and R2 6/10 and mirrors edge 5/10

did they not actually PLAY the games....
die_fiend  +   2641d ago
Edge have always been ridiculously harsh for scoring. They gave Bioshock and Metal Gear 4 both 8/10 and they're both easily 10's, let's not joke about that. Gears got a 9 and R2 got a 6, seems that pretty much every1 loves Gears 2 (for good reason) and some people don't think R2 is that great and others think it's amazing. And Fallout a 7? Haven't played it but that seems off the mark as well. I think Edge love standing out and that's the only reason they do it. They're not biased, they're just so harsh to certain games which don't deserve it.
Truplaya  +   2641d ago
why are bioshock and MGS instantly 10/10? In your eyes maybe but i couldnt give BioShock a 10 coz it has no multiplayer. MGS was a great game, maybe a 10, but i didnt like it as much as the first one on PSone so i would mark it down for not being as good as an old game.

I havent played resistance or fallout yet but i am dubious about these scores. Endwar 8/10 - i hated it.

At the end of the day these are someones opinions, you cant really argue with them. Just dont take it to heart if they gave your beloved game a bad score, it doesnt make the game any worse for you does it?
I've played 5/10 games and absolutely loved them
TOO PAWNED  +   2641d ago

Visit GTrailers, MGS4 is one of 5 (FIVE) candidates for GOTY. LBP, GTA4, GeOW2 and one more game, cant remember. Just look for your self for how many awards MGS4 is candidate to win.
killedinaction9  +   2641d ago
MGS4 isn't a game for everyone,hardcore fans will definitely love it though.If its your first time playing the series then you're not gonna enjoy the story as much.For me the first one was the best,from there it goes down hill.
DiabloRising  +   2641d ago
And for me, 3 and 4 are tied best, with 1 closely behind and 2 after that. See, different strokes for different folks!
read disc error  +   2640d ago
I agree with their score for Bioshock
The game is so over-rated. Deserves an 8/10.
Bodhi  +   2640d ago
EDGE usually awards innovation and polish, anything else they down. Though I'm not saying R2 or CoD: WaW or Mirror's Edge are bad, they're nothing special. Essentially, they're all basically souped up Goldeneye 007 FPSes. Mirror's Edge is a souped up version of an original Xbox game, I don't remember the name but it's quite similar.
Pennywise  +   2641d ago
Confirmed: Animal Crossing City Folk is better than R2, Mirror's edge and CoD5.

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edge is a joke.
#5 (Edited 2641d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
Bodhi  +   2640d ago
Oversaturated FPS market? I don't know, all of them are shooters.

Animal Crossing is a pretty deep game, it's really long if you want it to be really long.
Dragunov  +   2641d ago
Valkyria chronicles 7? These guys are retarded
Omega4  +   2641d ago
Damn talk about harsh reviews:

Fallout 3 7/10
Call of Duty: World at War 6/10
Resistance 2 6/10
Mirror's Edge 5/10

Im pretty sure these are the lowest scores these games have received

Banjo = Fallout
As much as i love Banjo thats just plain wrong
Lord Vader  +   2640d ago
Fairly harsh on Fallout III for sure, but COD:WAW & R2 are BORING & GENERIC. I'd give them both 7's at most. But Fallout III is definately AAA to me.
kosha  +   2640d ago
What cod5 is not boring, maybe generic but not boring especially when your playing with your mates
TOO PAWNED  +   2641d ago
This is just stupid. Giving 5 to mirrors edge, COD5 a 6? I am on purpose only mentioning only multiplatform games, so people dont think it is only one sided.
Also how can they give Fallout 3 a 7? Makes no sense. thank God i dont visit, read their site/magazine.
Traveler  +   2640d ago
Maybe Fallout 3's low score is because they played the PS3 version...jk
Irving  +   2641d ago
If they're harsh, they should be harsh throughout their reviews. This is the height of stupidity. I'm discontinuing my subscription with EDGE after this.
Aclay  +   2641d ago
Wow, if these guys are going to be this harsh on video games, they shouldn't even be taken seriously, or they shouldn't even be reviewing games at all.

There's no way in hell Fallout 3 is a 7/10. I have the game and after putting in over 22 hours, I would give Fallout 3 a 9/10, the game is awesome. I have Resistance 2, but haven't started playing it yet (because I want to finish Fallout 3 first), but considering that review sites like X-Play gave R2 a 5/5 and IGN gave R2 a 9.5/10, Edge's review score is WAY off the mark.

Too many games on that list are underscored.
P4KY B  +   2641d ago
I think Edge are the only reviewers that do it properly.

15 years ago 8/10 was a great score and 9/10s were rare.
7/10 was a good game and 6/10 was average.
nothing ever got a 10/10

But now magazines are scared of fanboy hate and dish out 9s and 10s like sweets.
Yi-Long  +   2641d ago
@P4KY B: Nonsense!
"I think Edge are the only reviewers that do it properly.

15 years ago 8/10 was a great score and 9/10s were rare.
7/10 was a good game and 6/10 was average.
nothing ever got a 10/10

But now magazines are scared of fanboy hate and dish out 9s and 10s like sweets."

I have magazines here that are 15-20 years old, and even back then 9's and 10 were easily given to mediocre games, like Body Blows (Amiga), Eternal Champions, A CENSORED(!) Mortal Kombat on SNES, FIFA93, etc etc etc etc. No difference between now and back then.

Reviewers score a game they feel it should be scored, It's their own opinion of a game, and doesnt have to agree with 'popular' opinion.

1 guy giving Mirror's Edge doesnt mean it's a bad game. It means this guy didnt like it, for whatever reason that might be (I LOVED the demo and I will buy it).

I do think that certain reviewers are overly critical, some are inconsistent, some are just plain bad, etc etc.

It's just some dude's opinion. I'm 32 years old myself. I've been gaming ever since it pretty much started. Many of these reviewers are younger than me. I make up my own mind about a game, not basing it on 1 review from some dude that I hardly know.
#10.2 (Edited 2641d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ginganinja  +   2641d ago
@10.1 @.2 you're both sortof right
The mags i used to read always seemed to have a 90% game of the month and a couple of 80%'s, but Edge has always been the same (I'm 34 if it helps)
But, the thing i like about Edge reviews is that they're so well written. You may disagree with a review, but you do get a good idea of what the reviewer thought was right/wrong with it, unlike some reviews where you get a list of moans and then, whap, 89%...???

Another thing to note about edge is that the review section is only about 20 pages long (out of about 150). Edge is more a magazine which specialises in the people behind the games rather than bragging about 'exclusive reviews' on the cover.
#10.3 (Edited 2641d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
DiabloRising  +   2640d ago
You all make great points. I just wish we could rise above scores. They make NO sense, and people often don't even read the reviews. I'd rather know what a person liked and disliked instead of just slapping a number on it.
sleepbox  +   2640d ago
@ Yi-Long
Reported for inaccurate content. Eternal Champions was a genesis games. All that agreed with you should receive community service.
darkequitus   2641d ago | Spam
sak500  +   2641d ago
I guess that answers the GOTY from Edge. No no no its not LBP or R2. Guess again. Both QOS and ME deserve 5/10 both are pathetic, treyarch screwed up the jamesbond game with ps2 type graphics. ME is nothing but boring joggathon. POS game.
Erotic Sheep  +   2640d ago
Something tells me you wrote those EDGE reviews. You don't know what you're saying :|
Citizen Cook  +   2641d ago
What crack are they smoking?
Left4Dead = 8/10
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts 4/10
Gears of War 2 7/10
Fallout 3 9/10
Call of Duty: World at War 6/10
Mirror's Edge 10/10
sunnygrg  +   2640d ago
Resistance 2 is a AAA game, that I can assure you. Left 4 dead might be worth checking out.

Valkyria Chronicles getting a 7 just pissed me off. That game rocks.
GiantEnemyLobster  +   2640d ago
ROFL resistance 2: 6/10
Even ANIMAL CROSSING got a higher score LOL!! I smell flop.
ultimolu  +   2641d ago

6/10 FOR R2...

Mirror's Edge a 5/10...

Valkyria Chronicles a 7/10...

These guys are a joke.

I would like to know what the hell justifies these scores. These games should have at least gotten an 8/10.

You know what guys? Play the games for yourselves and be the judge. Reviews have become the biggest joke of the century.
#14 (Edited 2641d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Fla5hman  +   2641d ago
damn straight
Lame scores, why put a pointless downer on great games?
Marquis_de_Sade  +   2640d ago
No, fanboys/girls such as yourself have become the joke of the century if you're willing to get that serious. You make a mockery of yourself by telling others to play the game and be the judge of it.... which is what these reviewers have done.

But obviously since they dont reward your favoured games with the mark you think they deserve, you take great offense to it, who on earth cares? If you enjoy the game, have a laugh about it and move on, as it doesn't matter to the most important person, yourself.

I would review these games differently, but I am able to accept, that like everything in life, people have different standards and tastes, its what makes life interesting, so grow up and quit whining.
Dragunov  +   2641d ago
No surprise you have all that bubbles. I'm a 30 year old gamer and what you say is true. have another bubble, you deserve
Magic_The_Celt  +   2641d ago

f*ck you edge, did you just give COD5 a lower score than banjo!??!


AND LEFT 4 DEAD A 9/10!?!

fufotrufo  +   2641d ago
ehhhh ..whats wrong with 9/10 for Left 4 Dead?
sak500  +   2641d ago

Nothing cept L4D is 360 exclusive and ali_the_idiot is a SDF member
fufotrufo  +   2641d ago
hahaha true
Magic_The_Celt  +   2641d ago
^ WTF? firstly i own a 360

secondly im buying left 4 dead for the 360 and i loved the demo

you guys are such morons ¬_¬

theres nothing wrong with it but do you really think all them other games should be rated less than left 4 dead? i dont, im just wondering why that got a 9 and the rest so low
thor  +   2640d ago
I don't think L4D deserves anywhere near that score.

Especially if they are being so harsh on other games.

I still don't understand why people like that last-gen trash half-life 2 mod of a game. And yes I've played the demo. Still don't understand.

They are full of BS.
morganfell  +   2640d ago
Nothing is wrong with L4D except it is repetitive. Also SP Team AI isn't what it was made out to be. Those people run backwards like track stars. I have it preordered on Steam and I played both the 360 and PC demo. They are the same. No one is knocking the 360 here. The fact they have that game over Fallout 3 is ridiculous. Valkyria Chronicles gets that score? Someone has their head up their crack.
M3 Superhero  +   2640d ago
these scores r a lil whac..
TheMART  +   2641d ago
Gears of War 2 and Left 4 Dead the only AAA on 9 out of 10 average in Edge. They see the quality of these games.

And those two are not on the PS3.

They're both on the 360.

This Christmas again belongs to the 360.

To the kid above: yes Left 4 Dead is from Valve, they're FPS masters. The game is freaking great.

Resistance 2 blows indeed. Only thing is "60 multiplayer wow it must be great!". Nope it isn't. Its about quality, not quantity. Mirrors Edge has new gameplay but isn't the Messiah. Gameplay needs to be better then that.

Fallout 3 well it seems Oblivion with guns and a different surrounding. Gears 2 and Left 4 Dead are the only main hits in this list, anyone can agree that knows the games.
#17 (Edited 2641d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(17) | Report | Reply
doshey  +   2641d ago
omg one review means there the only best game out cuz edge the hardest video game reviews from uk say so, ya i didnt know that thanks for informing me how much of an dumbass u are

ya cuz u know all about r2 because what the reviews say dont u, why dont u play the game before think u know something about it
#17.1 (Edited 2641d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
White-Sharingan  +   2641d ago

even you know these scores are bullshiit

you may not think R2 should receive a 9 but even you have to admit that it doesn't deserve a 6

that alone shows how bullshiit these scores are
ultimolu  +   2641d ago
Love how Mart criticizes games he has never played before.
You're full of it.
Fla5hman  +   2641d ago
"Resistance 2 blows indeed"

LOL! wot BS!
Magic_The_Celt  +   2640d ago
MART who the hell cares about edge?

according to meta you only have 1 AAA exlusive this christmas

as does the PS3, and by your logic, the PS3 having the higher rated, 1 AAA, the PS3 rules christmas. again

seriously edge just gave mirrors edge a 5/10 and fallout 3 a 7, A SEVEN, nothing confirmes the very phrase "AAA" more than fallout 3 man, edge are full of it, ooh look animal garden crossing is higher than resistance 2 and mirrors edge, ROFL i dont think so
thor  +   2640d ago
They didn't even give R2's 60-player MP more than ONE SENTENCE in their review. The co-op got ONE PARAGRAPH. Completely ridiculous.

I don't like L4D - and even if lots of people like the game, it still doesn't deserve a 9 purely based on the very LOW amount of content it offers. A linear co-op campaign. Great.

Gears 2 probably deserves that 9 - but Edge are so biased they are a complete JOKE.
solar  +   2640d ago
Valve only releases AAA titles Mart, you know that ;) L4D will be another one.

everyone hop on the new ps3 fanboy Hate Train to burn down Edge's Headquarters! they gave ps3 exclusives lower scores than the 360's! hate hate hate hate hate! god im glad im a PC gamer. while my ps3 collects dust, ill be killing zombies in L4D. <3 Valve.

above @ thor

L4D has been stated from the beginning as only this "survive a zombie apocalypse". what more do you want? its an arcade shooter. quoting Lil Sis "thats it and thats all". its pure fun in a raw form. thats why it will be another AAA title from Valve.
#17.7 (Edited 2640d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
thor  +   2640d ago
You must agree that Edge's reviews are JOKES though. WTF are they thinking with all those scores? Mirror's edge as good as Quantum of Solace? Animal Crossing better than R2?
The Captain  +   2641d ago
What a Joke
Call of Duty: World at War 6/10
Resistance 2 6/10

I don't have to say anymore!!!


Buy a real Mag.

Edit - I am a 30 year old gamer and I remember 6 is still not that good! 7 and 8 yes, but 6!
#18 (Edited 2641d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
thor  +   2641d ago
It's not only that they gave a 6 - some may argue all they want that 6 is an "OK" score - but I think the overall tone of the review was pretty negative. They list all the flaws of R2 in the captions...

What is really annoying me right now is that they devote ONE (yes just one) paragraph to the co-op in R2. Now from what I've heard, the co-op is the best bit. But the most descriptive thing they had to say was "it's partially successful", and then criticised the map design. That's completely ridiculous in my eyes.

Competitive multiplayer gets a single sentence.

I can understand their AI & graphics criticisms, but when they give a game like L4D a 9 which actually doesn't really HAVE AI (enemies just run at you), and has inferior graphics to R2, it makes their credibility go out the window (if they had any to begin with).
kevnb  +   2640d ago
I think resistance 2 has awesome graphics
how many console games have QAA?
thor  +   2640d ago
You mean Quincunx anti-aliasing? An awful lot of PS3 games. An awful lot.
Figboy  +   2640d ago
i have to agree with your thor
although i haven't played Left4Dead yet (i'll try and download the demo when i'm not so busy), but i agree with Resistance 2 statements.

i have the game, i've beaten the game, and i think it's AWESOME.

i don't really know what kind of complaints i'd lob at the AI, because the enemy AI is sharp as a tack. they do EVERYTHING they can to destroy you, even using the secondary fire on their weapons.

the Ally AI is pretty damn good too, and i've had my bacon saved by them on more than one occasion.

the complaints i hear about enemies SOLELY attacking you is only partially true. generally, you are fighting alongside 5-8 other soldiers. you are being attacked by, often, over 30+ enemies AT THE SAME TIME. in a situation like that, yes, you are often being targeted by more than one enemy, and yes, it will feel like all eyes are on you.

i've had my entire squad wiped out because of being overwhelmed by enemy fire.

the feeling is intense, not frustrating, at least to me.

as for map design? i don't have any complaints. in single OR co-op, or competitive.

i enjoy the levels and the way they're laid out.

it seems like the reviewers at EDGE are disgruntled failed game designers who get their jollies off of nitpicking the obvious hard work of other, more talented, and ACTUAL game developers.

they have a chip on their shoulder, and they should be ignored, REGARDLESS of the console they are reviewing for. their criteria is obviously all over the place when it comes to their "reviews."
DiabloRising  +   2641d ago
I see a LONG thread of fanboys using these scores to justify their purchases, which is sad. You realize that review scores are just one person's opinion? Thank god each person has their own opinion, because I don't think anyone should miss out on titles like Fallout 3 or Valkyria Chronicles.
ultimolu  +   2641d ago
That's true but that doesn't mean you can't disagree with scores and give your own opinion.
thor  +   2641d ago
There is something seriously against the trend for most of these reviews though. Now Gears 2 - fine. I can believe a 9/10. Left 4 Dead - well I didn't like the demo particularly, and furthermore, this game offers... a co-op mode. That's it. Compare with Resistance 2 (in which the co-op is INCREDIBLY similar, the graphics are superior, the player count is double, and the mechanics have 10000x more depth), which has co-op as just 1/3 of the entire package, which gets a 6/10.

Is quantum of solace _really_ almost as good as Resistance 2?

Is Tom Clancy's endwar BETTER?!?


The Valkyria Chronicles score seems a little out of kilter with the general review trend; look at the user reviews for the game on N4G - it doesn't look like a 7/10 game.

I've never trusted Edge and I don't think I ever will. You can say that these are just giving their opinion but it seems incredibly biased to me.
ultimolu  +   2641d ago
Exactly thor. I feel the same way as well. I wouldn't have minded if they gave R2 an 8/10 but a 6/10? Did they actually play the damn game? And Mirror's Edge is a good game. I played the demo and it's very interesting. Valkyria Chronicles is awesome as well. It was sold out at my local store so I have to wait until next week to get it or order from Amazon.

Something isn't right here at all.
#19.3 (Edited 2641d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DiabloRising  +   2641d ago
You should know by now I disagree with scores in general. Since, well, they are arbitrary and make NO sense, and are attempting to quantify something that cannot be.
thor  +   2641d ago
It's not just that. Their review of R2 was overwhelmingly negative for no good reason. Apparently it's the co-op that shines; but that got little more than a paragraph in their review.
fufotrufo  +   2641d ago
Edge hates or loves


Waiting for Nasim's MASSIVE SPIN ATTACK!!!hahaha
#20 (Edited 2641d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
JEDI WOLVERINE  +   2641d ago
Edge are an excellent source of mature reviews.
They dont fall for hype,they dont beat round the bush - they tell it how they see it,and that is to be commended in these days of websites/mags etc rolling out 10's like theres no tomorrow.
DiabloRising  +   2641d ago
"How they see it" is still a matter of their opinion though. Thankfully, I don't share their opinion.
smurfie4  +   2641d ago
agree with onslaught
I think they put this score in their magazine to make themselves look rebellious.
smurfie4  +   2641d ago
LOL!! A 6/10 for Resistance 2? There is no logical explanation for that any way you put it. Edge is as the english would say it, a bunch of twats. By their synopsis, Banjo is a better game. lmao!! I use to think Edge was harsh but now I just think they're borderline retarded.
EnglishPatriot  +   2640d ago
i would of called them spasticated (the english equilavent of a retard) wankers actually lol
Chrissy  +   2641d ago
L4D as good as GeoW2??!?! 360 is dominating!

Need for Speed Undercover 3/10


lol resistance FLOP
Figboy  +   2640d ago
just shut up. seriously.
we ALL know the fishiness of Edge's reviews here.

i have no doubt that Gears of War 2 deserves a 9/10. why WOULDN'T it deserve high scores?

i haven't played Left4Dead yet, so i can't vouch for it's score, but i'm also sure it's worthy of high scores, as Valve makes quality games.

on the other hand, they are so off base with the Resistance 2, Fallout 3, Mirror's Edge, and even Call of Duty review it's laughable.

i don't know what Edge scored the original Resistance (and i'm loathe to go to their site to find out), but there is NO way, regardless of the score they gave the original, that Resistance 2 deserves a score equal to the original Resistance. it is it's superior in EVERY way, from visuals, to controls, to story, to gameplay design, to multi-player, to co-op.

even if Edge gave the original a 7, R2 would deserve at the LEAST, an 8, because of the improvements to every aspect of the original and it's design. they even overhauled the community features for the game to make it better.

i'd personally give Resistance 2 a high 9. maybe not a 9.5, but most certainly in between a 9 and 9.5. the game is simply an exceptional experience.

i'm not going to make claims that Edge is bias, but when ALL the PS3 exclusives (even though they've been getting praised in other places, from websites to fans), score like sh*t - and there's no denying that those are sh*t scores - and yet ALL the 360 exclusives for the month are the ONLY games to score 9's, i have to wonder.

i think even those that aren't Resistance 2 fans will admit that the score is rather unfair.

quality single player campaign with big, epic battles and bosses (trust me, the battles are large scale and the bosses are HUGE. even the regular enemies tower over you)

8 player, class based co-op mode that has a separate narrative to the single player campaign.

60 player, objective based competitive mode. you can have large AND small scale battles; whatever suits your preference.

i just don't see how a game executed so well (they had separate teams for EACH of the three main modes in the game) can get a score so low except out of spite.

Edge is a joke. the shameful thing is that people like you will eat it up and take it as gospel truth, and avoid missing out on not one, not two, not three, but SIX quality games (Resistance 2, Mirror's Edge, Call of Duty, Valkyria Chronicles, Fallout 3, and SOCOM), because of these reviews from edge.

and while i think people should PLAY the game for themselves before making a decision, it's obvious that many people base their buying decisions on OTHER people's opinions.

be people, not sheeple, folks.
Avto  +   2641d ago
Okay I can in fact understand some of the scores, but Fallout 3 got 7/10, I'm not sure they played the same game as rest of us. Also let's say Mirror's Edge is 5/10 there is no way R2 is only a tiny bit better so even so 6/10 is... I don't know strange? So I guess Gears and Tomb Raider are like second coming of Jesus Christ.
giggsy13  +   2641d ago
edge reviews = epic fail
i have a good mind to boyott the mag after some of their scores this month. I am cancelling my subscription.

7/10 for Fallout is an utter joke
6/10 for R2 is a joke
6/10 World at War an utter joke

all of these games are class, and its insulting to the hard work that went into them (which you only have to play to see).

Bunch of elitist t@ssers
sak500  +   2640d ago
Go ahead start a petition, nothing new from sony fans on blaming every other thing except the reality.

Edit: LOL @ Needforspeed undercover score 3/10. Havnt seen any other reviews of this game but is it that terrible?
#25.1 (Edited 2640d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
ultimolu  +   2640d ago
Sak...PS3 fans aren't the only ones saying something about this. These are biased reviews.

Stop with the PS3 fans crap.
read disc error  +   2640d ago
was it biased when Edge gave Bioshock an 8/10 when it was still an X360 exclusive? or how about the 8/10 they gave Gears of War? What about the 7/10 they gave Mass Effect? etc.

Edge is always harsh but they have no console bias so quit yer crying. They just didn't like Resistance 2 or Fallout 3 or Mirror's Edge or Socom.
#25.3 (Edited 2640d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
twoface  +   2640d ago
they have to try to look credible sometimes don't they?
Vip3r  +   2641d ago
The scores could do with being redone tbh.

LightningPS3  +   2641d ago
Some of those scores I don't agree with.
Fallout 3 (7/10) and Resistance 2 (6/10)?

Fallout 3 is averaging A and Resistance 2 B+

Edges scores are way off the averages. But whatever, it's just one score.
DiabloRising  +   2640d ago
Have you picked up either yet? How are you liking Fallout?
Figboy  +   2640d ago
i know you didn't ask me, but i think Fallout 3 is excellent. no matter WHAT platform you pick it up on.

like i said in another post, i've sunk about 30 hours into Fallout 3, and have only completed a handful of story missions. i get a lot of joy from the game just wandering around, looking for new locales and Vaults, and getting wrapped up in side quests (seriously, i was exploring, and i found this new location, and got sidetracked for an hour doing a quest for them. it wasn't even a story quest, but it was certainly awesome).

i highly recommend Fallout 3 to anyone who hasn't picked it up yet, had a marginal interest in Oblivion (or DIDN'T. personally, i found Oblivion to be boring, so i just watched my fiance play it, but Fallout 3 totally captivates me).

you definitely feel like a part of that world, and it's probably due to the very well done tutorial, which literally births you into their universe.

it deserves WAY more than a 7/10.
0verdrive  +   2640d ago

i cant make up my mind about this game. ive also put about 30 hours into it, and do like the story, depth and scope of this game. its fun, no doubt.

but a part of me is saddened when comparing this game to the first two. they really have simplified the game mechanics, doing away with armor class, different types of armor piercing ammo, dodging, aimed shots with melee weapons, as well as simplifying the perk and skill systems. i miss a lot of these from the old games, and it makes me hate fallout3 when i think about it.

but then i start playing it again, and have a total blast. i feel that they took out the hardcore rpg elements and replaced them with simpler game mechanics to appeal to a broader audience. in fact, i have heard many fps gamers picking this title up, and am sad to predict that they probably will not find this a fulfilling experience because of weakened fps elements, as i have not found this the fulfilling rpg experience that i had with the first two.

i hope this by no means stops anyone from buying the title. it is definitely a fun game to play, and one that will keep you busy for at least 30-40 hours, something that is rare in games these days. It also is a unique experience in terms of themes, story, and openness. i hated oblivion, but am finding fallout to be quite enjoyable.

so in conclusion and on topic: a 7/10 for this game is a joke, honestly. deserves at least an 8-9 in my book.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2640d ago
I don't agree with the Fallout 3 score, it's the best game I played since Bioshock, and a GOTY candidate for sure.
Kraken  +   2640d ago
Good to see...
That Bill Gates are still handing out bling to the poor, poor reviewers in f***'in EDGE UK.
Kraken  +   2640d ago
EDGE aka
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