Gamezone: Top 10 WWII Shooters

Gamezone: "While some may argue that the genre has grown quite crowded over the years, there's no denying that some of the best shooters ever released have been inspired by the Second World War. Here's a look at some of my favorites from the WWII shooter sub-genre"

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overlorduk3654d ago

World War 2 Online: Battleground Europe should be on that list...not just one of the best WW2 games but one of the best games ever made!

-GametimeUK-3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

i hate ww2 shooters for the fact the yanks who make them act like usa single handedly won the war... lol they wasnt even included for the most part... A lot more people put in more work than the yanks but for some reason you american arsehole developers seem to think america are the denifiniive heroes of ww2... I applaude Infinity Ward though

I dislike other devs who are pissing all over this historic event

PainisCupcake3654d ago

Why don't you go play COD1, COD: UO and COD2 and COD: WAW, none of the three nations depicted in each of these games blows their own trumpet like you suggest. Its only some recent WW2 movies that act this way.