Exclusive Interview with Tetris Party Producer Tony Tran

Some say that digital distribution shapes the future of game development. Each of the big three are making their mark by allowing small-time developers and big-time companies alike to craft smaller, unique titles that can fully utilize their system's features at a small cost. Where some companies may crank out mobile phone-quality games, the trend lately has been to make interesting games that sometimes have more value than the standard disc.

Leading this new trend is Nintendo's WiiWare service. WiiWare has become home to (often) pleasant surprises each Monday morning, providing more reasons to buy extra SD cards for your Wii. Lately, the Wii got a treat in Tetris Party, Tetris Online's latest offering in the timeless series. The Wiire sat down with Tony Tran, Producer of Tetris Party, to get his thoughts on the game and the development of WiiWare titles. There's a catch, however: some of you got to ask the questions. It helps to be on The Wiire's message boards, doesn't it?

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