Ways Square Enix can Support the Wii

There's no secret that Square Enix hasn't cared much for the Wii. Yoichi Wada sees it as a toy.
And instead of releasing an interesting game using the unique features of the Wii, a new Chocobo's Dungeon game and a Dragon Quest flop will have to do from the RPG giant. Yeah, there will be a few new titles, but what is there to be excited about? If you like the Crystal Chronicles series, then you'll have to be happy. If you're me (are you me?) then this isn't enough.

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Foxgod3622d ago

anyone here played the slime game on the NDS, (the one from dragon quest).
You had your own mobile fortress, with a canon, and you had to load in all kinds of items into it and shoot them at the enemy's canon.

I loved that rpg, best fun i had on the NDS.
I would love to see a Wii version of the game.

Lucreto3622d ago

There are 3 game series I get on DS.
1. Final Fantasy remakes FFIII never came to Europe so I has to get it. FFIV was interesting but I couldn't stand the old version so the remain version was for me.

2. Dragon Quest remakes. I first played them with the PS2 version and not I want to play the old ones.

3. Phoenix Wright Need I say more.

ChickeyCantor3622d ago

Phoenix wright?
What phoenix wright did you play?

Lucreto3622d ago

My list was for the only games I play on my DS not just SE games.

Vistrix3622d ago

What about the PS3...??

SE hasnt released any on the PS3 yet, theres 2 already on the Wii and loads on the 360!

Jecht3622d ago

SE can barely support gamers period. They put all their new stuff on the handhelds (DS mostly) sell out to Microsoft CONSTANTLY (Last Remnant, FFXIII, Star Ocean 4). In short, the only SMART move they've made was in NOT supporting the Wii too much. That console is the death of modern gaming.

SE can shove their arrogance straight up their a$$es.