Fable II Sales Reach 1.5 Million Worldwide

Microsoft has announced that since its launch in the US on October 21, 2008, Lionhead's Fable II has sold more than 1.5 million units worldwide. The game becomes the fastest-selling RPG on the Xbox 360.

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NewZealander3655d ago

fable 2 rocks hard! ive put in so many hours already, just buying property and doing dastardly deeds has kept me going, the story seems pretty good so far too, i almost wish fable 2 was multi plat just so ps3 owners could really see how good it is, i thought it looked bad before hireing it and then actually buying it, i think fable 2 overdelivers!

green3655d ago

I just bought the castle in Fairfax Gardens.

green3655d ago

Congrats to Lionhead and Microsoft.You developed and did a great job of marketing a great product and the consumers responded positively.

MURKERR3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

not many genuine developers out there anymore only other that springs to mind is ted price

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BlackTar1873654d ago

I agree I had a blast with the game but it was short lived but well lived here's to Fable 3.

I am BlackTar the Salad Dodger ROFL

Bodhi3654d ago

"agreed,well done peter you deserve it
not many genuine developers out there anymore only other that springs to mind is ted price"

Actually, believe or not, love it or hate it, the first thing that pops in my mind when I hear game developer is CliffyB, I sh*t you not. Something about his humbleness in one interview and his off-the-handleness and stupidity in another interview really makes him well known in my mind.

After that it's John Carmack, Peter Molyneux.

Ted Price... Isn't he the president of Insomniac or something? I never really liked the Ratchet & Clank series so I'm not that big of an Insomniac fan.

ON TOPIC: I knew this game would sell well and it deserves it, best RPG of 2008 by far. It's so addicting that I've had to stop playing so often or I wouldn't get any of my homework and essays done. Spread out all across all my characters, I've must have put 70+ hours into Fable II, probably more.

I know I did my part in those sales. :)

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Firstkn1ghT3655d ago

CHA-CHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! :)

-GametimeUK-3655d ago

great sales... just not that great of a game
very lackluster compared to some great games this year such as MGS4

Man_of_the_year3655d ago

or more importantly Gears 2

Firstkn1ghT3655d ago

MGS4? LMAO. I want to play my games not watch them.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3655d ago

^^^^ Gears 2 sold 500k more than this in a single day

-GametimeUK-3655d ago

but very broken online... its a shame its the only good 360 exclusive all year... sure mgs4 CAN be short if you skip all the cutscenes but Fable2 is stupidly short and so is gears... gears story isnt up to par either... both games fail in comparison to mgs4 which delivers on all levels... sales dont reflect how good a game is anyway... the proof is here with fable... i wish i never bought it because i am disappointed with ANOTHER 360 game... shame

Man_of_the_year3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Gears2 and Fable 2 are both on DVD 9 with = or greater than more gameplay than MGS4 and thats on a 50 gig Blu-Ray...There is no excuse when the cutscenes are longer than actual game itself...

Completely and utterly ashamed with MGS4. Atleast Sony released 1 good game this year...LBP...(kind of)

3654d ago
gaffyh3654d ago

MGS4 is an incredible game, anyone that says otherwise has either not played the game or is just a xbox fanboy. Every little detail in MGS4 is amazing, the HD audio, the guns sound real (unlike Gears, one of the very few things that annoys me about gear), graphics are amazing, story is amazing (though MGS1 is better), gameplay is amazing.

Online for both Gears and MGS kinda suck though.

Good sales doesn't mean that the game is great e.g. Halo 3, GTA4, Assassin's Creed (all these games are good NOT great). Another example is ICO + Shadow of the Colossus combined sold only 2.5 million worldwide. These are two of the best games I've EVER played, better than anything out this generation on all consoles. Another example is Okami(PS2), it got crap sales, but the game was top quality

Man_of_the_year3654d ago

I loved Halo3 - currently have Halo 1, 2, 3 and will get Halo recon and Halo Wars. Just love the whole Halo Universe. I got suckered into the MGS4 HYPE and i finsished the game in 9 hours. The cinematics were great...about 3 hours worth...while the other 5 was long drawn out boring dialog.

I would rate MGS4 8/10. This is an honest review - nothing about fanboys here. It was a good game but nothing near what the Hype was...

I will be playing Halo3 and Gears2 long into 2009 while MGS4 still just sits there beside my PS3 collecting dust.

Sez 3654d ago

sorry to tell you guys. but MGS4 wasn't that good of a game. it was a movie with interactive game-play from time to time. their was another game released like that along time ago. it was called dragons lair. when the screen would light up thats when you knew to hit the botton to make the man move or swing sword. the graphic was average at best. the game-play was much like splinter cell. and the cutscene was crazy long. but sonyfanboys need a game on their system to measure up to or try to surpass the quality of games that the 360 has now.

-GametimeUK-3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

I got halo3 at midnight and it is one of the most mediocre fps games I have played in a long while... The online is good but totally got pwned by cod4 in every aspect... If theres any game what suckered people in with hype its Halo3 and most of the xbox community will tell you that Halo3 sucks (including me)...

Halo3 = average fps which couldnt live up to the previous 2 games... shame really... Bioshock pwned its single player and CoD4 pwned its online... Shame such a hyped up game was such a letdown in the eyes of the xbox community...

"but sonyfanboys need a game on their system to measure up to or try to surpass the quality of games that the 360 has now."

most games worth playing on 360 are multiplat... ps3 packs the punch with exclusive titles such as warhawk, mgs4, lbp, resistance2, r&c etc etc... Gametime UK <<< my 360 tag... check it out im no fanboy I use my 360 for a lot multi plat games and thats it... The exclusives it does have are hardly good

Man_of_the_year3654d ago

Well there was a lot of HYPE for Halo 3...but i think there are more Halo players that would agree thats it has by far more re-payability than MGS4. Also HALO 3 is still one of the most played games on xbox live and even bumped COD4 a couple of times as most played game over live for a couple of weeks...

I understand your point that you felt it was an average fps - HOWEVER there are many more people that would disagree.

Perjoss3654d ago

metal gear solid 4 was cool, or as I like to call it...

Put Down Your Controller 4: Cutscenes of the Patriots

but seriously, great game, 10/10 for sure.

gaffyh3654d ago

@Man of the year - So you finished MGS4 in 9 hours? on the first play through? You obviously didn't even play the game properly, if all you were worried about was getting through the game as quickly as possible or you're lying and haven't actually played the game. It took me 17 hours on the first play-through, in fact it takes about 15-17 hours for most people on the first play-through. The second play-through took me just over 5 hours on a speed run (skipped every dialogue scene and every cutscene).

I have also played all 3 Halo games, the first one was good, second one was boring I gave up after 1 hour, and he 3rd one was OK but I finished it to see what the hype was about. Took me ~9 hours, including cutscenes, constant backtracking through almost every level, and the story was really really really bad. It was saved by it's music and gameplay though.

@vega - "when the screen would light up thats when you knew to hit the botton to make the man move or swing sword."

LMAOROFL, you haven't even played MGS4, MGS4 is not a game based on QTEs, it's all interactive even some of the cutscenes you can drive about using MKII. It's quite obvious you have no idea what you are talking about. Also @ saying it is like Splinter Cell, I have played every Splinter Cell game in the series and yes it is good, but it is completely different to MGS series (which is better). MGS is a lot more action-based and faster, Splinter Cell has a huge focus on stealth.

The only game that is better in terms of stealth is Thief.

MiloGarret3654d ago

MGS4 is great game, so many wow moments... I just wish there was more of it, and less crappy movie material. Yes crappy, if you think mgs story is good, you need to read more good books and watch better movies because mgs doesn't even reach b-movie status. Mgo is suckass. Halo 3 is suckass as well, in pretty much every aspect. Overall neither game holds a candle against geow2 in sp or mp, get over it.

OT: Fable 2 sold that much so fast? Weird... I'm not touching it anyway.

Perjoss3654d ago

@ Milo Garret

please, please dont mention 'good story' and 'geow2' in the same paragraph :(

Sez 3654d ago

"LMAOROFL, you haven't even played MGS4, MGS4 is not a game based on QTEs"

see this is a clear case of you not understanding. again the only game i ever played where you watch more of the game than playing it. is dragon lair. i never said MGS4 is a QTE based game. learn to read and stop asuming. and yes i do own a ps3 and i have MGS4(which i finished 3 days after i brought it) but because i don't share your love for a movie with interactive gameplay. all of a sudden i don't own the game. yeah. MY user name is Hannibal75 on psn and XBL.

MiloGarret3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

I never said geow2 had a good story, read please. I said the sp campaign beats mgs4, not the story. IMO both have incredibly crappy stories, but then again, show me a video game that has good story that doesn't begin with Mass and ends with Effect.

BlackTar1873654d ago

Wow great sales good job. Leave MGS4 out of this your getting nowhere. If you guys claim you played MGs4 but then say u beat it in 9 hrs on the first play through wow thats how long it took me to beat gears with its cutscenes what does that mean to you ?????????? oh nothing your blind thats right...... fable great game imho but way short as well. you can beat fable in 5 hrs if you tried. but it forces you to watch long drawn out for no reason scenes and still is beat in a shorter time then MGS4.

Put down your hate. its obv. gametime and sony/xbox fanatics that you just say whatever you want to win in your head. MGS4 is not a 360 game leave your crap outside.

ohh and no knock on gears being short??????
no knock on fable being short?????
wow you guys don't see that?????
funny thing is when you play MGS4 without the cutscenes without a speed run going for the gold you still take about 8 hrs to play it

bet I beat gears on my second play thru in 7hrs or less.

Does that make it crap NOPE
Fable little mandatory scenes = pretty good length and the game is till under 10hrs does that = anything to you guys????

is the coin so double sided???

just to say as well. when MGS4 came out most websites claimed it best game this gen. I guess you forgot about that.

you guys dont see your bias anywhere???

so the story of MGS4 is crap or MGS at all. Yeah go back to your shoot run hide shoot next level and keep thinking out of it i guess since that seems to be the direction now.

Rhoic3654d ago

You realize that MGS4 shouldn't even HAVE ONLINE.. It is absolutely HORRIBLE.. So.. for you to criticize Gears 2 or Fable 2 because of an online feature, you contradict yourself due to the fact that MGS4's Online is like it tried to kick itself in the nuts.

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P4KY B3655d ago

I thought it was average at best.

NewZealander3655d ago

i personally love fable 2, not disappointed at all, and i never liked oblivion, so for me i would have to say yes fable 2 is better

Sez 3655d ago

if anything i wasn't all that hyped for this game. i didn'y petty much like the first one. but i must admitt that i'm really enjoying fable 2. it's a great game. hats off to peter for this gem. will there be a fable 3 is the question.

Firstkn1ghT3655d ago

Before Mass Effect, Fable: Lost Chapters was my favorite game of all time. Fable 2 is now my favorite game of all time with Mass Effect coming in second.

-GametimeUK-3655d ago

you allow one of your fave games ever to run the way it does? seriously the frame rate sucks and all round its just a very buggy poor excuse of a game...

Panthers3654d ago

Well my favorite game is pretty buggy too. Socom. It still is my fav game. Its the best online shooter. Period.

green3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Mass Effect is also my best game this gen.

Anon19743654d ago

I'm not quite finished yet, but so far it's lived up to my expectations. I really enjoyed the look and feel of the first Fable and this was about on par. I didn't feel it particularly added anything, and it's coming across a little on the short side but it's been an enjoyable run through. I hadn't bought a 360 game since Halo 3 and I'm glad Fable 2 and Gears 2 have come along to give me a reason to dust off the ole 360 one last time before it's retired. It was long my console of choice before 2 RROD's and 1 disk scratching console forced me to change my gaming habits in favor of a console that actually allowed me to play my games. 3 1/2 months of sitting around, not able to play the bulk of your library will change anyones purchase habits.

BlackTar1873654d ago

Who cares if its fun to him its fun. I dont care if theres hiccups as long as Im smiling and wanting more. Its looney's like you who put this false thought in other's head that it really matters(I know it does matter but i hope you guys see where im going with this) stop it you make everyone look bad. Fable 2 was great i was underwhelmed but only becasue of the MP/Coop stuff other then that good game. why do you have to compare stupid with stupid.

BlackTar1873654d ago

Is fricken tight int he top 10 for me this gen. probably 9 or 10 but to be up there means it was sick and hell i would say out of my top 10 6 or 7 are tied for 4th and 5th

cherrypie3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Love Fable II. Best WRPG since Oblivion.

Sorry, the reviews and sales are so good, must disappoint you that their isnt a PS3 version so you could actually play the game instead of spreading FUD.

The game is really terrific, anyone who's played it can see that.

Edit: As for those who compare it to Oblivion, its not really an apt comparison. Fable II is much more in the style of Zelda -- not organized for the RPG stat-junkie, more about story, and style and feeling - a sense of adventure.

Fable II is a challenge at the Zelda-style RPG.

Rhoic3654d ago

I think Gametime is just butt hurt that it's not on the PS3. And honestly? So what?

"Oh no! The game slowed down during a cutscene and something didn't load that is in the scenery that didn't affect the gameplay whatsoever!"

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MK_Red3655d ago

Super awesome news. Fable 2 is one of the best RPGs I've played in a long time. Sure, the RPG skill stuff and experience spending has become over simplified for casual gamers but the game and it's world have heart and depth.

P4KY B3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

would you say its better than Oblivion?

Edit:- MK_red said he felt it was one of the best. I was wondering if he thought it was better than oblivion, its a valid question.

I find that after playing Oblivion the world of Albion feels very linear and claustrophobic.

neid3655d ago

Who cares which is best. What matters is that you get to enjoy both terrific and enjoyable games.

MK_Red3654d ago

I don't talk about quality because both games are a bug fest.
BUT I really enjoyed being in Fable 2's world and love the game. I am a huge fan of Morrowind but hated Oblivion and haven't tried Fallout 3. Fable 2 has really sucked me in.

Xi3654d ago

The only 2 games that I actually felt connected to the world is in fable 2 and the legend of zelda series. All other games, oblivion included seem to me that everyone was disconnected from the events that plagued them.

I also loved the general look and feel, it was exactly as one would expect from a game called "fable", Although next time they should include a couple fairy tale side stories for paraody.

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