TGR Review: Spider-Man Web of Shadows

"Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is nowhere near perfect. In fact, it could have stood a bit more time in development to fix the atrocious camera angles and uninteresting mission structure. However, with what's presented, the game is fun in short bursts. It can easily be completed in 10-12 hours or even quicker if you don't need to be drilled on controls and game mechanics. At its suggested retail price, it's most definitely not a buy, but hardcore Spider-Man fans will eat it up as it is arguably one of the best entries into the franchise so far."

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cain1413622d ago

I had a feeling this wouldn't be any good. Spiderman has so much potential...

italianbreadman3622d ago

I have never really gotten into any Spiderman games....or any superhero games, for that matter.

They are usually pretty mediocre.

ihaten4glol3621d ago

It's fun for a little while, and if you're into achievements, there's that, at least.