GTA: Chinatown Wars Delayed, Slated for Spring 2009 Release

Before even receiving a set release date, GTA: Chinatown Wars, the upcoming GTA installment for the Nintendo DS, has joined the ranks of GTA IV PC and Xbox 360 downloadable content as delayed...

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The Matrix3658d ago

Anyone going to play this game?

PotNoodle3658d ago

Are planning a getaway with all the money they keep stealing from people.

mrdxpr23658d ago

im not surprised rockstar is always delaying sumthing ...i think what they gonna blame now is the touch pad is too much technology for our little minds cmon... 1st they delayed GTA4 about 2 times and blame ps3 and 360...then they delay 360 exclusive DLC...then delay GTA4 GTA4: Chinatown wars wow Rockstar u guys need more help..

Aclay3658d ago

So basically Rockstar has now delayed every game in their line up to early 2009 (PC version of GTA4, 360 GTA4 DLC, and now this). I guess their decision to delay their upcoming games must have been more of a business decision financial wise or they just wanted to give their games more "breathing room" because right now there's just tons of newly released games.

Charmers3658d ago

I believe the PC delay is to do with "inventory problems". Although I imagine Left 4 Dead is a factor in Rockstar delaying the PC version. It appears Left 4 Dead has the exact same release schedule as GTA 4 on the PC. Now naturally a game that is nearly a year old is not going stand a chance against something fresh and new like L4D (don't flame me I thought L4D was crap but it is a new game).

So it is a mix of factors with the PC delay. As for the DS as much as I am a long time GTA fan I am really really not going to bother. I can't even fathom what on earth Rockstar are thinking here.

TheBlackItalian3658d ago

They needed to delay this game the ds can do better graphic than that.

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