EA Sports Announce 14 Downloadable Commentary Packs For Fifa 09 - EA Sports announced today that all 14 international commentary packs in Fifa 09 will be available to download free on both the PlayStation Network for PS3 and on Xbox Live Marketplace for Xbox 360. For the first time, fans worldwide can now download and experience all language commentary packs featuring different commentators from all over the world while playing Fifa 09.

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Harry1903659d ago

I saw that in the store. I wanted to download the second British commentary track but it was not free. I got the french one instead(which was free0. Btw, it was huge. 620 mb.

Kush_Reaper3659d ago

Absolutely nonsense. What ever happened to using the rest of the umm i dont know 15gigs on the blu ray disk to fill it up. [email protected] lazy devs, always taking the easy way out. Oh yeah and thank you too dvd9.