Sega Nerds Review Valkyria Chronicles

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"Sega has finally brought Valkyria Chronicles to the west, six months after the Japanese release and following much positive feedback from the gaming community. Now that the game is here, was it worth the wait?"

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Arsenal4Ever3657d ago

Of course Sega Nerds woujld give it a 5/5. However this game is excellent.

Heavenly GForce3657d ago

Lol. Well you say that - but take a look at their Sonic Chronicles review.

They don't give high scores to all the games. They are pretty fair.

Jamegohanssj53657d ago

I think this is the best game Sony has done in quite some time. Bravo to them, but let's prepare for Sonic: The Next Flop With The Werewolf.


Arsenal4Ever3657d ago

sony didnt lay one finger on this game. It's made by sega.

Jamegohanssj53656d ago

You know I meant Sega smart ass.


Solbadguy3657d ago

Valkyria Chronicles over Naruto Ninja Storm and COD5. Hope it was the right purchase. Gotta finish up a few games before i get into this one.

Dragunov3657d ago

No doubt you did the right purchase

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