Edge: Nintendo Talks Game 3.0

In a speech eerily reminiscent of Phil Harrison's 'Game 3.0' GDC keynote back in March 2007, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime took the stage at the BMO Capital Markets annual Interactive Entertainment Conference and considered that "the future of any form of entertainment must be considered in correlation to both the changing and turbulent economic climate and in the end, even more consequentially, this exploding world of consumer-generated, active media."

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ChickeyCantor3622d ago

So can we expect the new Mario to come with a level editor?
So we can share them like LBP?

User created content is always a plus, i just don't hope they will try to much of "innovating" in their own way leaving out the most basic elements that have been used for ages.

Also give the new Zelda DLC, add new sidestories, new weapons, bosses etc etc!
Hell mario kart should have a track maker.

DSi is getting more DLC and userCreated content it seems.

>_>...they can do so much things with their games but they don't...Damn it -_-.

Gun_Senshi3622d ago

makes me wanna punch him in face.

kevnb3622d ago

I hate nintendo, but square enix makes me want a DS anyway...

dib8rman3622d ago

I will have to trust Nintendo on this.

LBP is not a game when you use it's level creator, and PC has never been great at turning the moment of creating user content into gameplay.

I'm sure Shigeru and Iwata can't see this as the future, this is just the lazy way out, mimicing what PC games have been doing since 1994.

Th3 Chr0nic3622d ago

im sick of this guy, i would rather watch cliffy b talk about his shoe collection than even look at this guys ugly fat cartoon nintendo face

quantae063622d ago

I love Nintendo. Plus if it wasn't for Nintendo video games wouldn't have made it this far, via Video Game Crash. I like what I see from the Wii too.