Digital Molecular Matter: Future of the Industry

411mania travels to San Francisco to get an exclusive look at Digital Molecular Matter. They explore the possilibites of the new technology which made its debut on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Mukiwa3653d ago

I love watching these kind of tech demos...

Harry1903653d ago

back when they made the announcement. They were talking of the technology with so much enthusiasm but the end result were not as impressive as expected. I'm not saying it is not good.

jackdoe3653d ago

Meh. Unfortunately, DMM was not implemented well in Force Unleashed, if at all (only a few truly breakable objects in the game), and suggests that DMM requires massive processing power that the current generation of consoles lack. Either that or Lucasarts are just completely incompotent developers. Or a mix of both.

GamingGeekPS33603653d ago

That used DMM.......but it is a cool tech.