"Why am I still talking about Fable 2?"

After playing and beating multiple games since "finishing" Fable 2, GameCyte writer Marie Kare just can't get the game out of her head. Why?

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3656d ago
Dread3656d ago

that was funny. Too bad that the game has some glitches.

I for one, did not experience them and I cant wait to begin a new adveture as an evil hero.

i hope they patch the glitches soon.

VirusE3655d ago

Your 2 bubbles lead me to believe otherwise. Ohh yeah and all your crappy comments in your history log. You change your “I played fable 2” story with every post. Do idiots like you not realize that at the touch of a button anyone can look at the rest of your comments and see how much of a bias little kid you are?

3 days ago
"All I have to say
is I'm glad I switched consoles from 360 to ps3"

23 hours ago
"I sold my RRODED 360 console before it came out."

4 days ago you were doing nothing but hating the hell out of the PS3 and all it's users?!!? You are not objective and obviously fanatical about whichever side you choose to align with. Both sides have great games, do yourself a favor and focus on the games rather than the console they are located on.

y0haN3655d ago

VirusE it's not fair to make fun of people with... mental deficiencies :)

GamingGeekPS33603656d ago

its OK..currently playing..right now..nothing special.

djroberts3655d ago

Yeah Fable 2 is pretty cool at first but quickly gets tiresome. It was definitly overhyped but I'm plan on picking it back up and beating it.

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