AVault: Warrior Land: Shake It Review

AVault: "Wario Land rewards detailed exploration of its massive levels. While finding your way from the beginning to the end boss is fairly standard, the real fun is exploring all of the nooks and crannies jammed throughout each level. The game soars when you spot treasure in a hard-to-reach location, forcing you to scour the level to gain the right abilities and environmental objects required to acquire the prize. In addition to the addictive run-and-jump mechanics employed throughout the game, the developers mix things up through an escalating series of creative departures, placing Wario in control of a unicycle, submarine and other vehicles at various points. The optional challenges add a puzzle-solving element to the proceedings, with players working to determine the best route to follow to finish a level in record time. While playing through the same level multiple times can grow repetitive, the environments are so vibrant that most players won't mind revisiting these beautiful scenes"

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